‘Powerless’ This Ship Ain’t Sinking Yet

‘Sinking Day’ is the best episode thus far and shows a potentially bright future for Powerless.


Third times a charm I guess. ‘Sinking Day’ found our loveable staff trying desperately to gain the trust and the business of the lost city of Atlantis. After losing Ace Chemicals as a client, the team scrambles to find a suitable replacement.

After last week’s not so stellar episode, I remained optimistic about this show. Low and behold this episode was my favorite so far, with not only the most amount of laughs but just all around the most well put together episode. Good things always take time, and that can be said for a lot of television shows. These things take time to mold, and find their form. A lot of TVs shows get cancelled before they are able to reach their true potential, and I really hope this will not be the fate of Powerless.

Essentially Van Wayne, who’s not the greatest of bosses, losses a big important client (Ace Chemicals) and it’s up to Emily to save the day. The dynamic between Van and Emily worked really well this episode, with them both feeding off one another, and Vanessa Hudgens just keeps getting better and better. While Ron, Teddy and Jackie were trying to figure out if one of their co-workers was secretly a superhero. Both stories played out well, and everything really wrapped up nicely by the end of the episode. Things seem to flowing more naturally, with jokes seeming more organic. It looks like everyone is just having fun making this show, and it’s really finding its stride. I feel like NBC is letting these actors just be themselves, and letting them improvise a little bit, which works best for a show like this. Yes, this show deals with superheroes but this episode felt more like an office comedy with a little bit of that superhero stuff sprinkled in.

I was just really happy that I enjoyed this episode; there isn’t another show on TV like Powerless so I’d like it to continue. Hopefully it can take this momentum and run with it the rest of the season, with only a few episodes left I feel like it needs to have a strong finish in order to get renewed for a second season. Which would be fantastic because this is a unique show, and can do a lot if it gets a second season. There’s a ton of possibilities with Powerless, here’s to it sticking around.

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