So ‘American Assassin’ Looks Good. 

So I know what book I’m reading next 

Well this trailer certainly came out of nowhere. Kind of like what a real life assassian would do. There’s nothing like a good old fashion movie trailer dropping, that you have no idea about and it leaves you wanting to watch the movie immediately. 

Centred around counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp, who appears to be a pretty big bad ass, I feel like he’s out for some revenge in this movie. It appears that when on vacation with his girlfriend the trip takes a turn for the worst when she might be killed, I’m not certain because the trailer doesn’t really give a whole lot away. He does know his way around a gun and hand to hand combat, with the action in this movie looking very John Wick and Jason Bourne like which is never a bad thing. 

The thing that perked my ears up the most was its two main stars. Michael Keaton, who is full on back in Hollywood after what I felt was a long departure from being in the spotlight. He serves as Stan Hurley who will be Mitch’s mentor throughout the flick. Mitch himself will be played by Dylan O’Brien and personally I’m a fan. I actually enjoyed The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trails, but after an injury on set for the third movie, Dylan’s acting career has been put on hold. Ironically enough he was up for the new Spider-Man role, which stars Keaton himself coming up. Taylor Kitsch, Scott Adkins and Sanaa Lathan round out the rest of the pretty stellar cast. Something about this trailer just got me really excited to see it, considering up until yesterday I didn’t even know this movie existed. 

Excuse while I go buy the book the movie is based off of, because there’s nothing better than a good book! 

Check ya later. 

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