Dissecting The Cavs’ Trade Deadline Moves…and More!

Kenny is out and Jack is in. The Toronto Raptors sit atop the Eastern Conference, yet they get no love. Jack and Nate break down why the Raptors hate is unwarranted and how the Eastern Conference playoff picture is slowly coming together (00:00-10:00). Breaking down everything that the Cavs’ did at the deadline and how it affects them going forward (10:00-17:45). Where is LeBron most likely going next year, which destination makes the most sense? (17:45-21:55). Why LaVar Ball is ruining his son’s careers and why Lonzo needs to man up and say something (21:55-30:00). Thoughts and prayers to Bruno Caboclo who was sadly traded away from our Toronto Raptors (30:00-33:50). We welcome the newest Raptor Malachi Richardson, and why Sacramento is the darkest pit of the NBA. (33:50-38:20). Gordon Hayward vs. Donovan Mitchell. We debate who you would rather have going forward and who the rookie of the year is. (38:20-47:47). Should the Raptors use all this hate and shade as motivation or no? (47:47-52:45). Finish off with discussing a possible new playoff format, Dwayne Wade’s farewell tour, the Warriors new coaching scheme and we give our All-Star Weekend picks! (52:45-1:05:20)

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