Atlanta Hawks Team Preview

Trey Young might be making this face a lot this season.

Last Seasons Record – 24-58 (15th) 

This Seasons Record – 19-63

TraeYoung (1)

Well, here we are. The first team preview belongs to the Atlanta Hawks. I’m doing this in alphabetical order, simply because it’s easiest. First in the previews and perhaps first in the 2018/2019 lottery? I’m going to come right out and say it. The Atlanta Hawks will be the worst team in the league this season, and I think they are okay with that. In fact, they will have some stiff competition for that lucrative number one pick. RJ Barrett will be the top prize, followed closely by Zion Williamson. So the Hawks will be in full on tank mode, but will also be trying to build and develop their core young talent. It will be a long season for Hawks fans, sorry!

Key Additions and Subtractions.

The Hawks went through some major changes over the off-season. They are fully on board with building their franchise around Trey Young. We all know the story. The Hawks had the third overall pick and drafted Luca Doncic, not before shipping him off to Mr. Cubes and the Dallas Mavericks for Trey himself. Bold move Cotton, I hope this pays off because they are putting so many eggs into his basket. They also added veteran Vince Carter to the mix, Alex Len and Jeremy Lin. Lin coming off that devastating knee injury last season, should help Trey Young progress as a young pro. VC will serve as the leadership and the wise veteran, that this team will desperately need. Losing their best player over the last few season Dennis Schroader will hurt them, but they didn’t want too many point guards in the kitchen. Another addition to the franchise, a new coach. Hawks went and hired Sixers assistant Llyod Pierce as the new head coach. Thank god this man is already bald, because if he wasn’t, well he sure as hell would be by the time this season is over and done with.

Year Long Question. – Can they win more than 20 games this season?

With a team like the Hawks, clearly still rebuilding, still trying to find out who they are, what they are, and who they want to be, it makes for a ton of questions. They think Trey Young can be a Steph Curry type. I don’t know, we all forget how long it took Steph to come into his own in this league. One thing Trey has going for him now is his passing ability. They are chalked full of young talent, mixed in with potential players that were just in the wrong situation. It will be interesting to see Alex Len in a new jersey, he was the 5th pick only 5 years ago. Will this be enough to get the Hawks over the 20 win mark? I don’t think so, I see them winning about 19 games, because I think Trey Young will have more games where he is 5-22, then say 14-26 and he will just be shooting them out of games. That’s okay, this will be a learning process for so many people, and for VC, at least Atlanta is a home to some good adult entertainment.

Fan Mindset.

Here’s the thing. The guy the Hawks traded to get Trey Young could be a once in a lifetime generational player. So if things go well for Luca in Dallas this season and say for the foreseeable future, and Trey ends up being kind of a bust. Well, that’s why I picked this scene of King Tommen jumping out a fucking window because that’s exactly what Hawks fans will be doing all over the world. This will be a trade regardless of the outcome that NBA fans will be looking back on for years and years to come. So you might want to get some condos on the first floor Hawks fans, just sayin’…….

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – The Hawks will trade either VC or Lin.

Like I mentioned above, the Hawks are gunning for some of them Duke boys. So when you are winning potential games, that will alter those plans because you have a guy like Lin on your team who actually gives a shit, well he’s got to go. So the Hawks after Lin is responsible for three extra wins before the all-star break will ship his ass to some contender or playoff bound team in order to ensure they are calling RJ or Zion come next June. VC on the other hand, well, it’s more of something I want. I want him to end his career in Toronto, to send him our way Atlanta.

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