Milwaukee Bucks Team Preview

The Bucks are finally going to win 50 games!

Last Seasons Record – 44-38

This Seasons Record – 52-30


Is this the season Giannis finally reveals that he is, in fact, an Alien from another planet. People might ask, why this year? Well one thing, Giannis is another year older. He’s been spending all his free time inside the gym. But for me, the biggest addition to this team is their new head coach. Mike Budenholzer steps in and will be a massive upgrade from any coach Giannis has ever had. Bud’s won 60, I repeat 60 games with the Atlanta Hawks not so long ago. He is an above average coach and he wants to play fast. He wants to unleash the true potential of The Freak on the league. With that comes the endless possibilities, and maybe he can finally unleash the freak.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

The Bucks want to make a splash this year in the Eastern Conference. LeBron James is gone and it has people thinking that Giannis could potentially be the best player in the East. If that’s the case, the Bucks will be looking to make a deep playoff run. Jabari Parker is no longer around, and they also lost Jason Terry. Maybe he doesn’t do a lot on the court, but off the court, that’s a big locker room presence gone. They added Villanova standout Donte DiVincenzo, and big men Brook Lopez and Ersan Ilyasova. Ersan is on his second tour with the Bucks, and he has proven to be a credible bench player. Obviously, the success of this team will depend on the success of Giannis. If he takes another step and goes to another level this team can make some noise. If he stays stranded and he doesn’t improve, the Bucks will ride the end of the East playoff picture and probably make a first round exit.

Year Long Question – Who will help Giannis?

Giannis has a ton of side pieces, but which ones will prove to be worthy? If the Bucks want to be successful, and I mean truly successful, it isn’t fair for all of that burden to fall on his shoulders. Kris Middleton (contract year) has been a great side-kick for Giannis. Coming off playing all 82 games last year was huge for his development. Thon Maker needs to grow into a more serious role and Malcolm Brogden will need to decide just what kind of player he wants to be. If these guys can all come together and click, it will be interesting to see where this Bucks team falls come playoff time.

Fan Mindset

Okay, this scene makes the Bucks look really bad, but that’s not the point. The whole “We gained a yard!” thing represents them finally getting to 50 wins. It’s been a long journey and quite the process for this to happen, but the time has finally arrived. Once the Little Giants gain that one yard, we all know what happens. They go on for the best comeback in sports movie history. So once the Bucks get over that 50 win hump, maybe it will open all sorts of doors for them to make a serious playoff run. If the Bucks don’t reach that 50 win total this year, well, this whole season could just be a complete blunder.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – Giannis wins MVP

He’s the next guy up in the NBA. We are all waiting for him to take “the leap.” Last year the Bucks did not play fast, they want to up the pace this season. If Giannis can get to around 30, 13 and 6 this upcoming season, that could spell an MVP season for The Freak. This obviously comes with a ton of pressure, and he could be a year away from really making any giant strides. But James Harden got his MVP, Westbrook got his. LeBron could make some MVP noise, and there are only a few other candidates left. There’s a track for this to be his MVP season, and I think everyone would be on board for this to happen. We all want Giannis to blossom into the superstar that we all know he can be. This is a massive season for Bucks fans and the Bucks organization.

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