New York Knicks Team Preview

Joakim Noah scored 12 points last season. He made 17 million dollars doing so..

Last Seasons Record – 29-53

This Seasons Record 24-58


That’s right, he is the only one smiling when it comes to New York Knicks basketball. Rightfully so, last season was the definition of highway robbery. But that’s the Knicks in a nutshell. Remember that “Superteam” they built not so long ago. Well now its a complete and utter dumpster fire, and there are few signs of life. New York City is the mecca of basketball and the NBA needs them to be good. The NBA is just a better league when the Knicks are good, but it’s been a long long time since they have not only been good, but relevant.

Key Additions and Subtractions

We all know that the heart and the rest of their vital organs belong to Kristaps Porzingis and will for the foreseeable future. That being said, Kevin Knox the Kentucky standout who turned a ton of heads in Summer-league. These are the two building blocks going forward for the Knicks and Knox could end up being a great side kick for Porzingis. Not a whole lot was lost, but anytime you lose Michael Beasley it’s a big deal. Kyle O’Quinn, Willy Hermangomez and Doug McDermott all jumped off this sinking ship. But they did add the ever shocking he’s still in the league guy – Mario Hezonja, and I can’t believe he’s still in the league guy – Noah Vonleh. With Porzingis out for god knows how long. This is going to get ugly and fast.

Year Long Question – Just how bad will it get?

Everyone knows the Knicks do have a unicorn on their roster. Porzingis is a special player. But he’s not playing for a long time, coming off that knee injury. So what are they going to do? I say they go all in and try and snag RJ Barrett at next years draft. But by doing so just how bad will it get for Knicks fans? They want a good team, they’ve been waiting since the start of this century for a good Knicks team, but it just hasn’t happened. They will get uneasy but if Knox can provide a little sparkle maybe it will distract them long enough before they realize this team could win 20 games this year.

Fan Mindset


Room for one more! From about 1 minute onward in the video. It’s every Knicks fan trying to lure a non suspecting idiot to join their team. Every fan in NYC just wants their teams to succeed. But with James Dolan, the worst owner in the NBA behind the scenes, it has been really difficult to lure free agents. Well now they are telling everyone and anyone to “join us.” Eventually someone will cave in and I believe that it’s a real possibility that after this year KD could be NYC bound. He has won his MVP, he’s won his rings and now I think he wants to make another mark on his legacy and rule NY. He can come be the king of the East like LeBron was for so many years and take a team that is so desperate to be good. So desperate to win a title that if he goes to the Knicks and wins a title, he will forever be a basketball god.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – Frozen envelope part 2 will happen.

Remember the Ewing theory? That the NBA rigged the 1985 draft lottery so the New York Knicks would win it and gain the most prized possession in Patrick Ewing. The NBA wants the Knicks to be good, it’s good for business and it’s good for the fans. This year similar to 1985, there’s a stud waiting in the wings. His name is RJ Barrett and I can see the Knicks regardless of how bad they are, will end up with the first overall pick. The Knicks could end up with the first overall pick and a guy named Kevin Durant before the 2019 season tips off. Wouldn’t that be something else.

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