Phoenix Suns Team Preview

Last Seasons Record – 21-61

This Seasons Record – 27- 55

Remember Charles Barkley’s epic and hilarious rant about the Phoenix Suns? Go YouTube it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. A former member of the Suns he’s just upset about where the franchise has gone. And considers you fans the best in the world. But a lot has changed since then and these Phoenix Suns are slowly but surely on the rise.

Key Additions and Subtractions.

Everyone knows that the Suns got the prize possession in the draft. DeAndre Ayton, the new Shaq has officially had his coming out party. He’s going to be really special and it will help this organization reach the playoffs once again, just not right now. Trevor Ariza, Jamal Crawford and Ryan Anderson all joined the Suns in the off-season. Some via trade while Crawford decided to sign with them right before the season began. In that trade they lost the human body bag that was Brandon Knight and lottery pick from just a few years ago Marquese Chriss. They are built a little differently and Ariza could bring some much needed defensive help and together with Crawford should provide some much needed veteran leadership. Things won’t get much better this season, but you gotta start somewhere and they have fantastic young pieces to build around.

Year Long Question – Can Josh Jackson stay consistent?

The 4th overall pick just a year ago had an up and down rookie season. I guess that happens for most NBA rookies, but he had a particular hard time being consistent. He showed great flashes and that’s exactly why the Suns drafted him where they did. In order for this team to continue growing and continue achieving new heights he will need to figure out where he belongs. Devin Booker and now Ayton will be the cornerstones of this franchise, but we all know you need more than 2 stars to win in this league. Josh Jackson can be that guy, he just needs to put in the work. Overall he needs to up his rebounding numbers and be able to pour in about 15-17 points a night. Can he do it? The Suns are notorious for sending lottery picks away, I wouldn’t be shocked if he plays bad this season if it could be his last in a Suns uniform.

Fan Mindset


That’s right. I picked one of the most famous quotes of all time. It’s true. This past year and getting Ayton is just one small step for this organization. Keeping him around and building around Ayton and Booker will be one giant leap for this franchise and it’s fans. Phoenix wants nothing more than to cheer for a good team, hell a competitive team. It’s been a while since that has happened, we all miss the days of Steve Nash running up and down the court and shooting within 7 seconds or less. But those days are long gone. Devin Booker and Ayton can be a formidable duo in this league and Booker has already proven he is one of the best scorers in the league. He dropped 70 points last season and he could have gotten more. Ayton is already turning heads. Now let’s hope it’s not fake, some people think the Moon Landing was fake. Don’t fake out your fans, don’t get their hopes up only to crush and demolish their dreams. They deserve better than that.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – Devin Booker goes for 60 plus.

What a heat check guy he is. He can get hot and when he does, look out. 70 seemed like it was nothing for this kid and I think he wants to try and reach it again. February 2nd against Atlanta. I’m calling it now. Booker will go for 67 points. If this actually happens, much like you readers, I’ll be scared too.

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  1. Gotta agree with your record and assessment on the three main players. If we are being honest though the real season long questions are: Why doesn’t this team not have a point guard? And how many games until Dragan Bender finally gets demoted to the G-League?

    Hey good stuff with all the season previews hope you’re enjoying the season so far.

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