‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer

I do not understand why they keep trying to make these movies happen, it’s never going to happen.

The year was 1991, the world was a much different place. In that year we got one of the best action movies ever made by the legend himself James Cameron. Terminator 2: Judgement Day remains a classic, but ever since, Hollywood has tried making new Terminator films and well failing miserably. Sometimes you just need to realize when something is over and move on. The Terminator franchise had an incredible run, but now it’s almost been 20 years of terrible sequels. The newest addition, Terminator: Dark Fate appears no different.

Cool, Sarah Conner, or Linda Hamilton herself is back. That is the huge selling point of this new installment, maybe they are going for a little Logan vibe here. She’s old, she’s beat up, but she remains a complete badass. But this whole thing just seems like a mess to me. The first two Terminators actually kept things simple, yet the action was incredible and the story telling was fantastic. Everything is now so far overblown and over the top, it just doesn’t feel like the same franchise anymore. Of course the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, they can’t possibly do this without him. He’s old now, he’s not the same lean, mean, machine ass kicking machine he was in the 90s.

The whole thing just felt so familiar, from the villains, we get it, liquid metal is awesome, it’s time to create something new and exciting. Yes, there seems to be a new kind of Terminator played by Mackenzie Davis, but it’s just not enough. The only saving grace of the trailer was the warehouse sludge-hammer fight, which looked awesome. Tim Miller the man behind Deadpool is in control, and I guess that should give us some hope. I credit the success of Deadpool to Ryan Reynolds not the director. Time will tell, but I’ll be shocked if this gets good reviews or even makes a dent at the box-office.

Hits theatres November 1st.

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