‘Ad Astra’ Trailer

In the year 2019, Brad Pitt is not only conquering Hollywood, but he’s also conquering space.

It’s been on people’s radars for 2019, but we finally got our first look at James Gray follow up to The Lost City of Z with Ad Astra. It’s Brad Pitt in space, need I say more?

Everyone and I mean everyone loves a great space movie, it’s something about the unknown that captivates people’s minds. Ad Astra proves to be no different, in fact, it’s adding a little extra layer to the space genre where we have some sort of mystery and a missing father going on. Roy McBride (Pitt) became an astronaut for one reason, his father Clifford, who is being played by Tommy Lee Jones. Unfortunately for Roy his Dad has disappeared in a mission that was exploring the outer edges of our solar system. Turns out that dear old Dad might just not be dead after all, and is not only alive, but could be the secret to unlocking a mystery to could threaten human life as we know it.

It’s basically a whodunit in space.

What draws an audience to a space film is the visuals and judging from the trailer, they seem rather impressive. Parts of this trailer have off a pretty large Gravity vibe, while other smaller bits had that Life, Contact vibe. This is a space movie that will be exploring potential extraterrestrial life. It’s just not about space exportation. Ad Astra will definitely contain more than meets the eye, and anything space and anything Brad Pitt should get people excited.

I’m officially starting the petition to get Leonardo DiCaprio in a space movie. He’s the only handsome Hollywood star left not to go. Damon, Clooney, Pitt and Affleck have all been. It’s time to get Leo into space!

Ad Astra hits theatres September 20th!

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