‘The Kings Man’ Trailer

Matthew Vaughn is bringing this franchise back to its roots. A sleek and stylish trailer, that appears to be a step up from the Kingsman sequel.

Who knew that we needed a Kingsman prequel. I’m sure not many people asked for it. After the success of the first, yes fans wanted more Eggsy and Harry Hart. The Golden Circle was a let down to say the least, I think Vaughn let this franchise get away from itself a little bit. With too much style, not enough substance.

Well now here we are, the first trailer for the prequel, the telling of what seems to be the origin for how the Kingsman came to be. Vaughn has one of the best sense of action, and its on display here in the trailer. Much like the previous two films, it focuses on over the top, slow motion action, but it always works so well. This feels and looks a little more grounded and definitely less colourful, but seeing the time and setting of the film, it makes perfect sense.

The cast is just incredible, a ton of star power and just terrific actors. Ralph Fiennes, who could be playing the founder of Kingsman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matthew Goode, Daniel Bruhl and Rhys Ifans, with many more. I’m hoping the really go deep on why the Kingsman came to be and hopefully have some tie ins with our cast in present day.

Overall a solid first glimpse at what appears to be a great rebond from a movie that is all but forgotten.

Hits theatres in 2020!

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