‘Powerless’ Emily Dates a Henchmen Review

Emily certainly knows how to pick em.


If you ever felt the need to date a bad boy, the latest episode of Powerless is a great example of why it’s not such a good idea. Emily decides that it’s time for her to explore Charms City dating circle only to discover that it’s pretty slim pickings. Until she meets Dan the “doctor” and she falls head over heels for the guy. Oblivious to the fact that he’s one of Riddlers henchmen, she’s the last to figure this out, with her coworkers discovering this the second they meet the guy. All Emily wanted to do was meet a nice guy, but like Teddy says, Charm City is overrun with henchmen.

Teddy and Ron find a batarang at a crime scene and are dead set on meeting Batman. Van is also interested in meeting a Batman, because he thinks he owes him 30 thousand dollars. This was a hilarious premise, and Van even wanted to be the next Robin. Knowing that Batman and The Riddler are running around Charm City, yet we as the audience will never get to see them on the screen is a kind of frustrating but it makes sense. The show will never show us the people we truly want to see. No Batman, no Riddler, not even Condiment King will show up. I’ll be okay with this, because it’s almost a cooler concept knowing that these characters are around but just in the shadows.

This was another solid episode, the show keeps getting better. I think it’s finally discovering what it wants to be, and everything just seems natural. Powerless has some serious momentum right now; I really hope it can continue.

Check ya later.


‘Powerless’ This Ship Ain’t Sinking Yet

‘Sinking Day’ is the best episode thus far and shows a potentially bright future for Powerless.


Third times a charm I guess. ‘Sinking Day’ found our loveable staff trying desperately to gain the trust and the business of the lost city of Atlantis. After losing Ace Chemicals as a client, the team scrambles to find a suitable replacement.

After last week’s not so stellar episode, I remained optimistic about this show. Low and behold this episode was my favorite so far, with not only the most amount of laughs but just all around the most well put together episode. Good things always take time, and that can be said for a lot of television shows. These things take time to mold, and find their form. A lot of TVs shows get cancelled before they are able to reach their true potential, and I really hope this will not be the fate of Powerless.

Essentially Van Wayne, who’s not the greatest of bosses, losses a big important client (Ace Chemicals) and it’s up to Emily to save the day. The dynamic between Van and Emily worked really well this episode, with them both feeding off one another, and Vanessa Hudgens just keeps getting better and better. While Ron, Teddy and Jackie were trying to figure out if one of their co-workers was secretly a superhero. Both stories played out well, and everything really wrapped up nicely by the end of the episode. Things seem to flowing more naturally, with jokes seeming more organic. It looks like everyone is just having fun making this show, and it’s really finding its stride. I feel like NBC is letting these actors just be themselves, and letting them improvise a little bit, which works best for a show like this. Yes, this show deals with superheroes but this episode felt more like an office comedy with a little bit of that superhero stuff sprinkled in.

I was just really happy that I enjoyed this episode; there isn’t another show on TV like Powerless so I’d like it to continue. Hopefully it can take this momentum and run with it the rest of the season, with only a few episodes left I feel like it needs to have a strong finish in order to get renewed for a second season. Which would be fantastic because this is a unique show, and can do a lot if it gets a second season. There’s a ton of possibilities with Powerless, here’s to it sticking around.


‘Powerless’ Wayne Dream Team, Could Be Losing Steam

Name tags that have your favourite movie on them. Brilliant!

Powerless - Season 1

Tonight’s episode of Powerless has just ended, and I’m trying to decide what I think about this show. Titled ‘Wayne Dream Team’ I’m having a hard time believing that this show will be back for a second season.

Now that’s just my opinion, because after thinking it through, I like Powerless. I understand the subtle comic book humor and I really love the cast. Overall I think the casual fan might drift away if they just aren’t finding themselves laughing for huge chunks of the episode. In the end, the ratings might just not be good enough for NBC to renew this show for a second season. Even though it might deserve one, seeing how season 1 will only be 5 episodes. Sometimes a show like this just needs time to grow, and figure out what it wants to be. From everything I’ve seen so far, and I think that Vanessa Hudgens is saving this show, she’s just fantastic in it. Even if I’m one of the few people who will ultimately end up liking it, it might not be enough to save it.

This episode dealt with Emily (Hudgens) trying to fit in with her co-workers, and trying to be part of the clique. She finds herself trying to weasel her way into their office superhero fantasy league. I thought this was a really cool idea, considering how big fantasy sports have become in society today, and I could relate with the concept. Also who wouldn’t want to play in a superhero fantasy league? (Clearly Batman is always the right pick) As it turns out they don’t really want that to happen, because they just don’t see her as a “friend” yet. Emily decides that if she can’t play then no one can, and has HR shut down the Internet. That doesn’t go over very well, and we find Emily scrambling to fix this mess, while trying to prove to her co-workers that she’s more than just their boss. This fantasy league is causing a major distraction at work, and taking time away from them developing the “Rumbrella” which is an umbrella that protects you from falling debris.

In the end, I was still watching and I hadn’t turned the channel. So to me that’s a good sign. I will reiterate what I mentioned earlier, that Hudgens is going above my expectations, considering she’s not known for her comedic chops and this is her first recurring role in a TV series. There’s just more good than bad going on right now in Powerless, so it’s keeping me around. Until that scales flips I’m going to keep watching. The writers just don’t have to try so hard, these are funny people. Just let them be funny and don’t force bad jokes down our throats and the show will be fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Rumbrella.

Check ya later.


‘Powerless’ Soars in Series Premier 

You don’t need to be a superhero to change the world 

Living in a world full of Superheroes and insane villains must be tough, especially when you are just an ordinary person. Imagine waking up in the morning only to find your car smashed to shit because of the latest Superhero showdown. Who takes care of these problems for you? Well that’s where NBC’s newest work-place comedy Powerless comes in. Centred around an insurance company that helps ordinary bystanders on a day-to-day basis by inventing the newest defences against collateral damages from Superheroes and Supervillains. For the later part of this decade DC has used its movies and TV shows to mostly show destruction or things just blowing up, now we get to see the other side of this equation. It was refreshing to see a lighter side of the DC universe, a much needed break from their usual doom and gloom formula.

Set in Charm City, it tells the story of Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens 🚀), a spunky, intense and charismatic go-getter who is dead set on making the world a safer and better place. She’s the new head of Research and Development at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises (owned and operated by that Bruce Wayne guy). There she meets her new boss Van Wayne, Bruce’s cousin, played by Alan Tudyk (fresh off of Rouge One) a laid back, would rather be in Gotham – hanging with his cousin kind of boss. Tudyk usually connects himself to good projects, so this is a great early sign for the show. Van then introduces Emily to her team of engineers; there’s Teddy (Danny Pudi, who you’ll know from Community) the wise cracking know it all. Come to think about it, he’s almost playing his exact character Abed from Community, which is fine by me because that guy was AWESOME! Ron (Ron Funches) who is the tech-whiz of the bunch, usually comes up with brilliant ideas that never seem to quite pan out. Finally there’s Wendy, (Jennie Pierson) the sarcastic geek, who immediately enjoys poking fun at Emily. The cast really worked well, considering it was the pilot episode, they meshed well together, each member providing their own shtick.

Don’t watch this show expecting Batman or Superman to pop up anytime soon. It might be set in the same universe as the DCEU, but the Justice League won’t be stopping by to say hello. Instead we are getting introduced to lesser-known characters like Crimson Fox and Jack-O-Lantern, which if the show manages to make these characters compelling enough, I’m okay with it.

Powerless definitely adheres to the classic office sitcome template, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The episode revolves around Wayne Securities potentially getting shut down, due to Bruce thinking they are no longer needed. The team quickly needs to hatch an idea for a new product to keep the company alive.

In the end, Powerless is a superhero show that’s not about superheroes. Something causal fans might have a hard time dealing with. The trade off is though, you get laughs, something the DCEU has desperately been missing. If people don’t think it’s funny, they will have a hard time sticking around. That doesn’t mean you won’t here about these characters, Batman, Lex Luther, Superman and The Joker are all mentioned in the pilot episode. This show will make great use of being connected with the larger universe it’s in. How long before these gimmicks will run dry, you’ll have to tune in for yourself to find out. I know I will be.

Check ya later.