Brooklyn Nets Team Preview

Where Brooklyn at!

Last Seasons Record 28-54 (12th)

This Seasons Record 38-44


It’s been a long 5 years for Nets fans. They went all in for one season, and well it cost them a lot. Too much to be exact, no team should have had to pay that price for some over the hill veterans. But here we are five years later, and the future isn’t so bleak anymore. In fact, you could say the future could potentially be bright. This team is a weird mix of players, but that’s exactly what they have, players. They got some skilled guys at every position and a ton of hard-working players, that proved last year – could play some basketball.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

Goodbye Linsanity, that didn’t last very long for his somewhat of a homecoming. Jeremy Lin is the noticeable absent player from this roster, but when you have an up and coming ball dominant player like Spencer Dinwiddie, it’s hard to potentially have both on the same roster. They added two proven players, Ed Davis, who actually played really well in his last few seasons with Portland, and Keneth Faried, who Denver was dying to get rid of. I think Faried could be on his way out the door with the league, he has some personal things going on, and he’s simply not the player he once was. The Nets haven’t had any lottery picks recently, due to that massive trade, so they really haven’t been able to develop their team through the draft. But the key to this teams success will hinge on the improvement and development of Spencer Dinwiddie. That man took some strides last year and he’s a gym rat, so I can’t wait to see how much he has improved throughout the summer.

Year Long Question – Can D’Angelo Russell FINALLY stay healthy?

Is this the year? Is this the year that Russell shows why the Lakers drafted him 2nd overall? We all get it, they wanted Lonzo so having two ball dominant young point guards could not work. Well, he only played 48 last season and 63 his rookie year. He needs to be healthy and stay on the court. Their success will hinge on this, and he hasn’t shown that he is capable of doing just that. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this kid can play, but we just want to see it fully unleashed. He wants it as well, and I think the combo of himself and Dinwiddie could be a deadly duo, especially in the East. I would love to see him play all 82 games and be in the runner for MIP player this season.

Fan Mindset.

Way to sum things up, Harvey. Because this is perfect. Nets fans had nothing to look forward to for the longest time. Now the dawn is coming. Replace Harvey with Sean Marks, the Nets GM and you have a real winner. So I guess that makes Mikhail Prokhorov the Joker. Because he is an agent of chaos. Someone who loves anarchy, and just wanted to watch the Nets organization burn. Now we have Brooklyn’s white knight coming to the rescue and piecing this team back together brick by brick.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – The Nets will be better than the Knicks.

Yeah I said it. As long as the Knicks have James Dolan running the show, we can all assume it will be a massive dumpster fire. I know they LOVE Kevin Knox their rookie, and they still have the unicorn on their roster. But something tells me, this will be a better season for these Nets. They were winning games last year and they don’t have an all-star. Coaching can go a long way in the NBA and that’s one department that the Nets will own the Knicks this season.