What can I say? I’ve loved movies my entire life. Is it crazy, that one of my first movie memories is Predator? Props to my sweet Grandpa for showing me Predator when I was about 6 years old! Growing up in a household with older and younger siblings, let’s just say, we watched a lot of movies growing up. When we were younger our mom used to work for Disney, so she would always be coming home with the latest Disney hit on VCR. 

I can honestly say, I didn’t come to appreciate movies until I went away to school and started watching all these classic movies I had missed out on. Remember this was before Netflix, so if you didn’t go to Blockbuster and rent it or see it in theatres you were shit out of luck. 

I should have started doing this long ago, but like Drake would say “better late than never, but never late is better”.  So this will be random thoughts I have about movies. Movie reviews and whatever else I decide to write about! 

Check ya later. 
My favourite movies (in no particular order) 

Good Will Hunting


Dazed & Confused

Dark Knight

The Departed


The Town