Overall Thoughts About ‘IT’ & Casting The Adult Losers Club!

Kingston was founded as a beaver-trapping town……Still is right boys!

Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and even Dom Toretto himself were no match for Pennywise and the Losers Club. Can you believe that, IT, a movie without any mega A-List actors, a horror movie and most importantly a rated R movie. Walked away from the weekend with an opening of 123 million dollars. Making it third, only behind Beauty & The Beast and Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol 2. IT set records for the largest September opening and the best opening for a horror movie ever. Honestly I can’t believe it, I thought the movie would open to a modest 80 million dollars, which again is humongous for an R rated film, considering Logan, which came out back in March, only opened with 88 million dollars. That’s Wolverine we are talking about, and that couldn’t even crack a 100 million dollar opening weekend. I know what you’re thinking “who cares,” well one, I do, and secondly this is a massive success just not for the horror genre, but for movies in general. The 2017 summer box-office was one of the worst in a long time. With flop after flop, sequel or reboot after another. Or just movies that didn’t seem to have any steam leading up to their releases. I didn’t go to a single movie in the month of August. I can’t recall the last time I went an entire calender month without going to the movies. For instance, another Stephen King adaption came out earlier this summer, The Dark Tower, which starred Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba, two of Hollywoods biggest stars, and it BOMBED. It bombed so bad, it took IT one day to make more money at the box-office than The Dark Tower did in its entire theatrical run. The only person people knew in IT, was “that kid from Stranger Things.” Not only did it have an incredible opening weekend, it’s sitting pretty at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. There’s a reason why I brought up The Dark Tower, and it’s something that’s happening a lot in the film industry right now. Zero to little passion being put into these movies. They thought let’s get McConaughey and Elba together in a movie, it will make a killing! The studio was never behind the project and didn’t let the director behind it make the movie they wanted to make. That will never lead to success. Warner Brothers let Patty Jenkins take Wonder Woman by her gauntlets and make the movie she had invisioned and it showed, because it’s the most successful movie of 2017 thus far. They let Andy Muschietti make the version of IT he believed could do the fans justice. They didn’t interfere and again it shows. Studios need to start letting directors with creative visions make the movies they want to make and not muddle in the process. Incredible things can happen when they do, and IT just showed that.

That was just a little rant, but now I’m going to go over the movie, and will spoil a few things, so if you haven’t seen IT yet, I suggest you float away now, I’d hate to burst your balloon.

The more I think about IT, the more I am becoming aware of just much I loved this movie. I think I had such high expectations of what I wanted it to be, and what I wanted from my movie going experience, that when it was all said and done, it was really hard for me to digest what I had just witnessed. It wasn’t what I was expecting, it wasn’t even that scary, more creepy and disturbing. But its almost been a week now, and I have come to realize just how special this movie really was, and I can’t wait to watch it again this week. Just some things that I noticed throughout the movie, that maybe some people may have missed, or some just really awesome imagery. For instances the very beginning of the movie, Bill draws a smiley face on his bedroom window when it was raining, and right as Georgie walks out of the room, the rain washes away the face. Just the entire opening sequence is special, how Pennywise is almost sweet and innocent during his interaction with Georgie, and how he is trying to hold down a conversation with him, but he doesn’t really know how to. He isn’t human, so when the water and his drool are pouring down his face, human instinct would be to wipe that away but yet he doesn’t. And the quick shot of his arm reaching out to grab Georgie is actually one of the scariest moments of the movie, because you know his arm is extending in order to grab him, but they don’t show that. It’s just after this scene we get to see the real Pennywise, and he isn’t ever like that again, he’s demonic, scary as hell, and enjoys toying with the losers.

The house scene with Eddie, Richie and Bill was why favourite part of the whole movie. It simply encapsulated everything I wanted this movie to be. Tons of Pennywise, scares and most importantly the losers banding together to take him down. It has most of the kids dealing with their fears, which at its core, is what the movie is about, and my favourite moment of the entire movie, is when Pennywise crawls out of the fridge. Its honestly just so disturbing, and Jack Dylan Grazer does such an incredible job in this scene. This was the first time he had ever seen Bill Skarsgard in character, and it showed on his face. People are somewhat complaining about to much CGI with Pennywise, because in the 90s that wasn’t the case. But in the 90s version the little CGI they did use looked so bad, and laughable they couldn’t do stuff like that. And he’s a shape-shifter so they could do some weird stuff like that with him. But I think my favourite Pennywise moment was when Mike first sees him in the meat shop. Just hanging himself with the chains laughing like a fool. That’s why I think Skarsgard’s performance was just brilliant, he seemed to be enjoying himself to the fullest playing this role, and I don’t know this moment just really stuck with me. This will probably change after multiple viewings, but when I left the theatre this was something that was stuck in my head.

Casting The Losers 

I have seen this already going around, so I wanted to share my thoughts on who I think should play the adult versions of the Losers Club. Now it’s difficult because they are 12 in the movie, and it comes back every 27 years, so technically we need actors near 40, but some of mine are a little bit younger. This is just hypothetical and I bet not a single one of these people will be casted in the movie, but I think they would do a really good job in their roles! Minor spoilers for Chapter 2. Nothing big, just what they go on to do for their jobs when they get older.

Bill Denbrough  – Adam Driver 

Fresh off his Star Wars success, Adam is a not quite a house hold name yet, but I think he could do adult Bill justice. Bill becomes a very respected and renowed writer. He writes horror stories to be exact, and when the losers get back together to battle Pennywise once more, once again Bill takes charge in the leading the group. I think Adam Driver could take the reins on being that leader, and I just think he’s a fantastic actor.

Ben Hanscom – Armie Hammer  

I know what you’re thinking. The little fat kid, grows up to be Armie Hammer, yeah right. But Ben, who is actually referred to as “Haystack” in the book, well puberty hits him like a freight train, and he grows up to be a tall, slender, successful architect. Like one of the best in the world, he’s award winning, and sophisticated, and I think Armie could pull this off beautifully. He’s also just one of my favourite actors, and I would love to see a man his size be scared of Pennywise, and even better, if they made it seem like Pennywise still towered over him, that would make him seem even more terrifying! The one big chance that will happen with chapter 2, the novel takes place in the 50’s then in the 80s. The movie takes place in the late 80s, so that means chapter 2 will be taking place in almost modern time, so things will certainly change from within the book.

Beverly Marsh – Amber Heard 

Everyone in the world wants either Jessica Chastain or Amy Adams for this role, but I don’t. Love them both and I actually do believe one of them will be casted in the role, but I’m going with Amber Heard. Beverly grows up to be a beautiful fashion designer and well that role screams Amber Heard to me, I know she’s a little on the younger age, but she’s involved with the WB studio, playing Mera in the upcoming Aquaman, so she’s already used to having red hair.

Eddie Kaspbrak – Johnny Galecki 

Yes Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. When I see Eddie, I see Leonard. I think he could really get into Eddie’s character, and he’s already used to playing a nerd and outsider, so this could be easy for him. Eddie grows up to own a really successful limousine service, but seeing how this will take place in almost modern day, well I don’t think that will be the case. He will probably own some sort of driving app, or something along those lines.

Stan Uris – Neil Patrick Harris

That’s right, suit up! NPH baby, he’s got a background of playing a dramatic role in Gone Girl, and I think he could crush this role. Stan grows up to be a very successful accountant, and already, if you’re not thinking that’s not NPH, then shame on you. Also he’s awesome, and I would love to see him in more things.

Mike Hanlon – Anthony Mackie 

I didn’t realize that he was older than he was. Anthony is almost pushing 40, so it’s perfect! He’s also a fantastic actor, who could really show his acting chops in this role. We are used to seeing him as Falcon in the MCU, but he’s done a ton of stuff. Mike has such a larger role in chapter 2 as well, serving as the librarian in Derry. He serves almost as the leader of the group early on in chapter 2, as he is the one contacting all the other Losers, when he realizes that IT is back. Would love to see Anthony in this role.

Richie Tozier – Bill Hader 

I’m stealing this one from Finn Wolfhard himself. The cast was asked this question and Bill was his answer, and well I think it’s perfect. I know that Bill Hader is only known for his comedy, well Richie was the comedic relief in the first part, and Richie goes on to be a world class comedian, so yeah this makes perfect sense. Bill Hader is also phenomenal at using his face, and I think he could come up with some really wacky, funny stuff when it comes to him seeing Pennywise again. Really hope this one happens, I would love to see Bill Hader take on a role in a horror movie.

Check ya later.


‘Power Rangers’ Review

“Different colours, different kids, different colour kids” – Alpha 5


“A group of high-school students, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world”

When I did my most anticipated movie list of 2017, this rolled out to be number 9 on that list. So here we are 24 years after The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debut on Fox, and it’s been 20 years since the last feature length film hit theatres. Well colour me surprised, because Saban’s Power Rangers was actually pretty fantastic, for being a Power Rangers movie. This had all the makings of being a terrible movie, a young and unknown new cast of Rangers, an up and coming new director, and well to be honest the source material is was a  cheesy afternoon kids show. But despite all of that, they really pulled it off; they took these characters in a kind of new and bold direction, while staying extremely faithful to the source material of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Nostalgia alone was putting me in a seat opening night, from playing the awesome SNES games, watching the actual show, to playing with all the Zord toys growing up, I wasn’t missing this movie. Power Rangers might have a hard time pinning down its target audience, but if you have little kids expect to see this movie in the upcoming weeks, and if you’re like me and loved the original stuff growing up in the 90’s you might find yourself dipping into your local theatre to see it!

Back in 1993 when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first aired, there were 5 rangers: red (Jason), yellow (Trini), black (Zack), blue (Billy) and pink (Kimberly). Sprinkle in a little white and green sometimes, and that was the team. They followed suit for the reboot, and we found Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Zack (Ludi Lin), Trini (Becky G), Kimberly (Naomi Scott) and Billy (RJ Cyler) all living in Angel Groove, attending the same high school, where they all seemed to be “outcasts” or “outsiders”. Jason, the star quarterback turned felon, as he crashes his car in a prank gone wrong as our movie opens. The popular cheerleader, who is sick and tired of being popular, Kimberly, as she sheds most of her hair from the very first moment we see her. Zack, the crazy guy in school, well when he attends school that is. Tough on the outside, but a kind hearted kid on the inside, as he finds himself taking care of his sick mother everyday, and doesn’t know what he will do when she’s gone, because she’s all he’s got. Trini, the new girl in school, who is very much an outsider, who rarely speaks, and is afraid to let people in, because she’s afraid of what they might think of her. See Trini is the first openly gay Power Ranger, and she is having a tough time expressing herself to her parents and her peers. Finally there’s Billy, who is “on the spectrum” and is very outspoken, and the kindest of our Rangers. Bullied in school for being different, he bonds immediately with Jason when they find themselves serving Saturday detention together, along with Kimberly, Breakfast Club style. Now lets address the elephant in the room, which involves race with the Power Rangers. Back in the day, the Black Ranger was black and the Yellow Ranger was Asian, and that used to be a very common joke that was made about the series. They did the old switcheroo for this having Billy who is black be the Blue Ranger, and Zack who is Asian be the Black Ranger. I enjoyed how the movie clearly went out of its own way to make off-color jokes about the diversity of itself, and Zack and Billy have a great little exchange about them each being the Blue and Black Ranger respectfully. Race, culture and being different is a big part of this movie, and they were all chosen to be the Power Rangers for that very reason, the power coins, which give them their powers ultimately choose them because they are kids “of different colour.” These kids don’t know each other at all, they are all different in more ways than one, but it’s one fateful night, that they all happened to be in the exact same spot, when Billy decides to blow up some of the gold mine in town and they all discover weird and mysterious coloured coins. It’s not until the next morning that they all now possess super human abilities like strength and speed and they are determined to discover what really is going on. From there they discover a “space ship” buried deep underground and it’s there that they meet Alpha 5 (voiced by Bill Hader) and Zordon (Bryan Cranston) the leader and voice of reason for the group. I thought Hader was great as the zanny robot Alpha 5, and brought a lot of humor to the role. He was just so cheesy in the 90’s show, but we didn’t really get that vibe from him in this movie. Zordon a former Red Ranger from the Cenozoic Era sacrificed himself so he could protect the power coins from the evil Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks).

You can’t make a Power Rangers movie and not have Rita Repulsa in it; they go together like Mac & Cheese. She’s eating donuts, cackling, doing drugs, eating jewelry, and overacting at times with a hint of cheese, but that comes with the territory. Remember the source material, and how corny and cheesy this woman used to be. Overreacting to everything, howling and screaming “MAKE MY MONSTER GROW” any chance she got, actually she does utter those words in this, but it was pulled off super well. She’s being the overzealous, cranky, bitch of a woman that we all knew and loved to hate back in the 90’s. Banks really went all in for this role, and in the end it worked out great for everyone. We needed a performance like this for Rita to remind us all just exactly what we are watching, and how fun and campy this fundamentally used to be. As for her pet monster Goldar, I thought he was just okay, too much CGI, and it all just felt a little rushed towards the end, but this certainly won’t be the last time we see Rita, and that’s a good thing for everyone. All 5 of these kids were really acting their asses off in this movie; they all deserve a boatload of credit for that. This movie hinges on them and them alone, and their collective performances as our coloured superheroes. These are some young and talented kids, and that’s a great thing for this franchise, I didn’t know what to expect from each of them, but they all brought it, in their own unique and different way. Standouts though were, RJ Cyler, who actually was really good in Me Earl and The Dying Girl, and once I saw he was casted in this I knew that was a good thing. He was throwing out one-liners and catch phrases all movie long, and was just so natural in his role. I thought Ludi Lin was great as Zack also, he played the super confident tough guy, with a softer side no one is able to see role really well. I just thought he was really funny, and I don’t know, I just felt like I connected with him the most throughout the movie. Naomi Scott was great too, but I knew that she would be, because well she’s British and they just know how to act. Same with Dacre actually, both super British but you would never tell from the way they speak in this, he was also fantastic as the leader Jason. Hell even Becky G, as she kind of mopped and had sad face throughout the entire movie, did a wonderful job. They just did an excellent job at casting this movie, which to be honest was the most important thing for this movie franchise to be successful.

The darker, grittier more grownup take made for a more enjoyable experience for myself, and actually they throw two masturbation jokes at you that come out of nowhere which I thought was hilarious. Zack refers to it as ‘morphin” which played well with the crowd. But it wasn’t always taking itself so serious, the last 25 minutes where we finally get to see our new Rangers in their coloured suits, really paid homage to its predecessor, where the first two-thirds of this movie was very teenage drama, it was practically The Breakfast Club with superpowers. Not saying that’s a bad thing, in fact it would have been great if Billy wrote the detention essay stating who they really were, all while we see Jason on the football field giving that signature Judd Nelson fist-pump! When it comes down to it, I had a good time watching this; it’s been a really long time, since I heard “Go Go Power Rangers” and it got me fired up. It’s a fun time at the movies, and it was entertaining as hell. I personally think the weakest part of the movie was the last little bit, which was all the action stuff, the director Dean Israelite doesn’t shoot the best action sequences, and I think that if they can improve on that stuff for the sequel and still have the same effort from the kids, this could really go somewhere. The first two acts of this movie are really solid, and it does take awhile to get into the swing of things, but that’s to be expected in an origin story. These kids need to come together as a team and sort through not just their own problems, but also the problems of trusting new people and what it means to be part of a team. All the teen drama stuff worked, and each ranger having their own set of difficulties and personal issues felt real, because we live in a world now where no one is perfect, and most of the time people are dealing with issues that they don’t want to talk about. I thought the movie did a really good job exploring that and showing how it’s okay to be different and it’s okay to be who you want to be in this world. There’s plenty of callbacks and fan service throughout the movie that will please those life long fans, and it’s not forced down your throat, but you know it’s there. Some nice little cameos, and there’s a post credit scene, that you knew was coming, but it will get people excited for what’s to come. This was the perfect way to kick start this franchise again, and I’m really rooting for this movie to do well at the box-office this weekend, these kids deserve it.

Check ya later,

Nate’s Movie Tour Reviews — Power Rangers = 73/100