‘Super Mario Bros’ Trailer is Fire

Mario has been apart of my life for 30 years. This first trailer looks just magical.

I’m not saying it’s about time they made a proper animated Nintendo movie but it’s about damn time. And who better to lead the charge of what will probably be the Nintendo Animated Universe than the best plumber the world has ever known, Mario. Voiced by Chris Pratt, because why not, the movie has plenty of star power (no pun intended). Charlie Day will voice is loveable brother Luigi, while Keegan Michael-Key will voice Toad. Princess Peach will be voiced by Anna Taylor Joy and none other than Jack Black will be voicing the films big baddie Bowser.

Smart of them to show off more of Bowser than Mario and the rest of the gang in the trailer, because he is one of video games greatest villains and I’m super excited to see this great cast go to work. Pratt does drag the trailer down a little bit, I think they could have gone with someone different but he puts butts in seats and this is primed to make the big bucks. This could honestly be one of the most successful animated movies ever if this turns out to be good. Mario one of the most recognizable faces in the world, he is known everywhere.

Such a fantastic kick off trailer and I’m so excited to see more from this going forward. WHO DOESNT LOVE MARIO?!