‘Riverdale’ Why Do I Like This?

Archie heads to the CW, but it’s not the Archie you remember.


In the words of Jim from American Pie, “Archie got hot”. The latest addition to the CW’s comic book roster stars this now ginger beefcake and the show is Riverdale. The godfather behind the DC’s The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, Greg Berlanti is the mastermind behind this 21st century twist on these classic characters that so many people have come to love. Riverdale is a dark and gloomy show, which switches the script on the much light hearted Archie comics that people have come accustom too.

Ever since I can remember I have been watching CW shows. One Tree Hill, Supernatural, sprinkle in a little Gossip Girl and I’m a sucker for all the new DC shows. So it doesn’t surprise me as I was gravitated towards Riverdale. I vaguely remember reading old Bazooka Joe comics and always trying to decide whether or not I was a Betty or Veronica kind of guy. This debate has been going on since 1941, making it one of the most iconic love-triangles of all time.

At face value, the show is a teen drama. It finds our boy next door Archie (K.J Apa) pining over not just Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendas) but also football and music as well. There are many layers to this show as we are encompassed into the lives of just not Archie and his friends, but also many of their parents. Dealing with not only their kid’s problems but their dark pasts as well. We find ourselves dealing with a murder mystery. One of Archie’s most popular classmates, star quarterback Jason Blossom was killed on the 4th of July. On the first day of the new year Riverdale gets a new student (Veronica) not only to test the relationship of Archie and Betty, but also to become intertwined with everything that is going on, in what seems to be an ordinary town.

Archie is known for its happy-go-lucky format, but now finds it dealing with sexually confused, brooding teenagers (not played by teenagers of course, because that’s never the case) in a town filled with dark pasts and secrets. The now six-pack Archie isn’t the only character having gone through a makeover. Jughead is now, no longer Archie’s best pal but a lone wolf, who keeps to himself but seems to know everyone’s dirty laundry. They peg Betty as “perfect” and Veronica as “the bitch,” seemingly pitting them against each other from the first moment they are on screen together. Without doubt the biggest character transformation is that of Ms. Grundy, who in the comics is a hard-nosed, white hair, seemingly in her 60s teacher. In Riverdale she’s a shy, sexpot of a teacher who happens to have a “hands on” relationship with Archie. Personally this changed works well for the show and is one of the biggest driving points of the shows plot thus far. We got Moose, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin and Reggie all undergoing changes as well, round out the rest of the cast.

Having Luke Perry involved with this project, got me interested from the get go. One, Luke Perry has a history of being involved in awesome TV drama shows (90210 — Dylan McKay) and secondly he’s the man. Dylan McKay one of TVs first bad boy heartthrobs. He’s playing Archie’s dad, Fred, who seems to have a dark past that Archie isn’t to sure about, yet. As I’ve sat and watched the first two episodes, yes there’s a ton of cheesy dialogue, and teenage drama, but I found myself getting more and more interested as the episode went on. Bottom line is, I shouldn’t be interested in this show, but I look at it this way. It’s pretty much One Tree Hill, except you’re trading basketball for a murder mystery. I’m intrigued by what’s going on in Riverdale, and I really want to know who killed Jason! If I had to guess, I’m picking Archie’s dad, because why bring on Luke Perry and not have him be the killer! It also helps that I have a crush on Veronica, so yes I’m team Veronica.

If the CW has proven anything, the first season will be awesome, and I think they are putting a lot of eggs into the Riverdale basket; it looks to be the future of the CW.

Sometimes you just need a good guilty pleasure show, and this has all the ingredients to be just that. All I’m saying is this guy is on the Riverdale bandwagon.

Check ya later.