‘Sonic 2’ Review

In a world full of horrible video game movie adaptations, we now have perhaps the best one to grace the big screen. Sonic 2 is a worthy sequel that delivers on everything Sonic, introducing Tails and Knuckles, who are both standouts in the movie.

Sonic and Tails Team Up in the 'Sonic 2' Trailer

When the manic Dr Robotnik returns to Earth with a new ally, Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic and his new friend Tails is all that stands in their way.

Who would have guessed, that after that first Sonic teaser trailer 4 years ago we would be here. Not saying fans should complain about everything, but it worked and not only did they change the design of the titled character, we know and love, but that changed the landscape and outcome for the movie. In recent memory, I can’t recall a franchise that has benefited more from fan outrage, and it was all acceptable because that original design for Sonic was so bad, this sequel simply would not exist if they didn’t do something about it.

Now, let’s discuss this amazing time at the movies shall we? Sonic 2 picks up a little after the events on the first film. Eggman is on the Mushroom planet, where he is about to try and get home when he bumps into everyones favourite Sonic character, Knuckles (Idris Elba). I’ll start by saying, good for Idris Elba for stepping up and doing this. Not only does he do such a good job voice acting for Knuckles, but Knuckles is arguably the best part of the movie. He reminded me a lot of Drax from GOTG, because of how stupid they made him. Not dumb, but just so innocently stupid that it made everything he said so funny. He has some of the best jokes in the entire movie and that’s saying a lot considering he was sharing the screen with Jim Carrey for most of it. Congrats to Jim for having the biggest box-office opening of his career with Sonic 2, which is crazy to say/think about. He plays Robotnik perfect once again, and in the 3rd act he truly shines as the world class villain. The definition of a scene stealer, they couldn’t have picked a better person for the role. Let’s hope he puts on that stash once more for the 3rd movie (which is coming).

Growing up for me, there was Batman and Robin, Aliens and Predators and Sonic and Tails. I’m so happy that they let this friendship blossom on the big screen, because they have one of the best video game relationships of all time and seeing it come to life was special. Tails (Colleen O’Shaughnessey) is reserved and has been watching Sonic from afar for quite some time. Much like his pal Sonic, he feels alone in the universe and just wants a friend. That message is at the heart of the movie, friendship and what it’s like to feel alone. Sonic (Ben Schwartz) has his “family” but he needs someone more his speed. Enter Tails and they immediately hit it off. Tails is just so cute and adorable, and the connection he shares with Sonic propels the movie forward in a organic and fluid way.

I can’t fail to mention the human characters in the movie, the Wachowski’s (James Marsden & Tika Sumpter) who are doing their best to raise Sonic like a normal child. We have the sister in law Rachel (Natasha Rothwell), who is the main component in the human side of things because she’s getting married in Hawaii. The humans have to be in the movie, but it felt like two movies going on at the same time, and we all know which one is the one we want. For the next outing I would dump the nonsensical human element and solely focus on Sonic and his new friends. We don’t need them and it clearly bogs down the film and that’s why a movie that was 2 hours could have easily been 90 mins. You don’t feel the run time but the humans are always just there and could have been scrapped all together. This isn’t a diss but we all just want more Sonic, Tails and Knuckles!

That’s how you make the next adventure truly great. Cut down on the humans, and focus a lot more on the Sonic lore and maybe even have them go off planet. We have seen all sorts of worlds in the video games and maybe it’s time for Sonic and his new pals to take a field trip.

Sonic 2 = 82/100


First ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Drops

Caution. If you are holding something sharp while this trailer plays, there’s potential you poke your eyes out…

Yup. That’s a real life thing, that’s really going to happen. That’s our first look at the live action Sonic. So many questions. Why does he have human teeth? Why is this movie taking place on Earth? Where the hell is Tails? First of all, who made the outrageous decision to make this a buddy cop movie? In all seriousness. Who said out loud – for a movie that is based on a blue hedgehog that is super fast, and gains powers by collecting and running through rings “maybe this should take place on Earth, and be a buddy cop movie!” That person needs to be fired, like yesterday.

Talk about an all time yikes from me. I was pretty excited for this flick, I loved the games growing up and Sonic and Dr. Robotnik who is being played by the loveable Jim Carrey, have such an interesting relationship, and it’s the fundamental backbone of this franchise. Now we are tossing is the cliche army trope that is going to deal with the problem, but in all reality the guy they hired to deal with the problem, turns out to be the real problem. Give me a break.

It’s pretty simple, Sonic runs, he hangs out with his pals Tails and Knuckles and beats up Robotnik and his crazy inventions every once and awhile. This is why video game adaptations are always so bad, because they don’t understand how to translate the source material onto the big screen. Like if we don’t get Super Sonic in this movie, I will riot. I had a Tails stuffed animal growing up, he’s adorable and needs to be in it. James Marsden who is a fine actor, feels like the studios 12th pick to play this role, and the saving grace for not having this be a complete dumpster fire is the terrific voice work by Ben Schwartz.

We will see about Carrey and his portrayal of Robotnik, and I’m glad they showed us his true iconic look at the end of the trailer, but the whole thing just kind of stunk.

Hate to base everything off a trailer, but this fell flat on its face the moment the race began.

Check out the trailer for yourself.