Charlotte Hornets Team Preview

Hide your wives Hornets, Tony Parker is in the house!

Last Seasons Record – 36-46 (10th)

This Seasons Record – 40-42


This is going to take some getting used to. Yes a ton of NBA players switched teams over the summer, but when you think of Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs, they go together like PB & J. It’s been 17 years since he entered the league and every single game he has played has been with the same organization, the same coach, so to think we are getting him not only with a new team but a new coach is unfathomable. Can Parker bring a new culture and a winning attitude to this team that is desperate for a playoff birth?

Key Additions and Subtractions

The Hornets got a lot smaller over the off-season, and more importantly, they are Ebola-free. If you didn’t catch on that they lost Dwight Howard, then I have decided you’re not a complete hoops head like myself. Yes, they are cancer free/Ebola-free take your pick, so that has to be some good news. That’s really it, that was the only key loss that this team suffered, but most NBA fans would say that losing Dwight Howard is a blessing. Bismack Biyombo makes his return to Charlotte, the team that drafted him. After a less than stellar two years with the Orlando Magic.  Now I mentioned the arrival of Tony Parker, who maybe wanted a bunch of free Jordan apparel, I dunno. Picking the Hornets is such an odd choice for this future Hall of Famer, but hey, all the power to this man. I love watching players in new cities and new settings, so I’m excited to see this. They drafted Michigan State standout Miles Bridges with the 12th overall pick, and they are hoping he can contribute right away. He’s already creating posters in the pre-season. It’s the same old roster here in Charlotte and it could be time to finally blow it up. Send Kemba Walker away, and start the rebuilding process.

Year Long Question – Can Malik Monk have a bounce-back sophomore season? 

Going into last years draft a lot of people had high expectations of Kentucky standout Malik Monk. Halfway through last season, people were thinking this kid is a complete and utter bust. Fans and critics alike love to call kids busts when they come into the league. But here’s the thing, these kids are KIDS, and they go and play 30 college basketball games, and now they are in the NBA. It takes time to develop and get to know the ins and outs of what it means to be a professional basketball player. So I’m curious to see if Monk worked on his game, got stronger and is ready to show the NBA that he wasn’t no bust.

Fan Mindset. 

I can’t watch this without getting upset. My Girl makes me cry every damn time. Just like being a fan of this team, it must bring tears to their eyes. Since they became the Hornets again, they have been slowly stinging their fanbase year in and year out. Soon enough you die from too many stings. What needs to happen is that mood ring needs to change colours, and I think Tony Parker could be just the man to make that thing turn blue.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – Steph Curry thinks about heading home

That’s right. I’m reaching for the stars. Steph Curry, we all love to hate him. One thing people forget is that his from Charlotte. More importantly, his Father, Del, is a play-by-play guy for the team. People seem to think that there is a slim chance he could join the Hornets in free agency. I know it’s crazy to fathom Steph being on any other team other than the Warriors, but this segment is called bold predictions, so that’s why I’m being BOLD.

He’s not joining the Hornets…….Sorry Hornets fans.