‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Review 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man is fantastic. The movie itself, just okay.



Ever wonder how Spider-Man gets around if there are no buildings for him to web-sling onto? Well that question is answered in his newest outing Spider-Man Homecoming. He does what anyone normal 15-year-old teenager would do, he simply runs. Remember in the old 60’s cartoon where Spidey would simply be able to sling away, even if there was nothing around him, and no one really batted an eye at this. Well they address it and they do so in spectacular fashion. From the very get-go I was pretty ho hum about all this, simply because, well, this is the third Spider-Man in 15 years. For me, Tobey Maguire made an outstanding Web Head, and I don’t ever see a Spider-Man movie topping Sam Raimi’s 2004 masterpiece that is Spider-Man 2. I was just never really invested in this new movie, don’t get me wrong, Tom Holland is a perfect fit, not only into the MCU, but to portray this iconic character. It’s just everything else that I was uneasy about, from the villain, to some character changes, and I just felt, that maybe he didn’t need a solo outing just yet. This was a fun movie, I enjoyed myself while watching it, but at the end of the day, it just didn’t stick with me like previous installments in the franchise. I just walked away and honestly couldn’t really remember any real memorable moments. I’m going against the grain on this one, but this movie was just meh for me and I’m going to tell you why.

It’s funny how Spider-Man was actually the best part about Captain America: Civil War; he stood out the most, and walking away from that movie, all I wanted was more MCU Spider-Man in my life. So when rumblings started happening about him getting his own movie, me and everyone else in the world was pretty excited. Especially after the Amazing Spider-Man franchise kind of fizzled out. I want to go on record and say Andrew Garfield, it was not your fault, and you’ll always have The Social Network. I loved Spider-Man’s dynamic with Tony Stark in Civil War, and when news broke that Iron Man himself would be playing a role in the next movie, well again I was all onboard. Next up Michael Keaton was going to be playing the villain, FANTASTIC, he’s the goddamn Batman, and I was excited to see him take on a villain role. When news broke that he was going to be playing Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture, well lets just say I was less than pleased. Spider-Man has one of the best rogues galleries in all of comics and you settle on that guy? I blame over saturation of Spider-Man movies, you couldn’t possibly have the Green Goblin again, or start the franchise off with Venom or Carnage. But really? Vulture? So all we could hear for the next six months were Birdman jokes… So for me that was the first misstep for the movie. And as it turns out, Marvel once again craps the bed in the villain department. Like I said above, Michael Keaton is awesome, and he tried his best to make a great villain, but there is just something always lacking when it comes to the MCU bad guys. I will admit, there is about a 10 min stretch in this movie, where he plays a really good bad guy, it’s after the sort of twist in the movie (which I won’t reveal), and it made for some really stressful 10 minutes. But other than that, I don’t know, something was missing, and maybe it’s just not the kind of Vulture I wanted in a Spider-Man movie. He was simply a guy in a bird mech suit. One thing I loved about Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man movies, was when he was in the suit it looked pretty real, and I feel like a lot of the stuff was semi-practical. In this, when Tom Holland was in his suit, 90 percent of the time, it looked like a video game. It honestly reminded me of one of those wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube men, his limbs kind of just seemed to go in all directions, and it bothered me. He just doesn’t look real when he’s in the costume and that’s not a good thing. It takes you out of the movie, and when he’s in the suit, that should be the most enjoyable part of the whole experience.

There is a ton of really good humor in this; it’s one of the funniest Marvel movies to date. I loved how Peter Parker is 15, and he’s experiencing high school drama and high school bullies and crushes. It makes you feel for the character more, where not only is he dealing with everyday problems, but also trying to be a superhero. And let me tell you, he kind of stinks at it. I did really like how they just showed Spider-Man doing hilarious stuff, like helping old ladies cross the street, and returning stolen bikes. He’s not an Avenger just yet, and he’s just being the good old friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The first 20 minutes of this movie are simply magnificent, I was laughing a ton, and I loved how he made like a video blog about his trip in Civil War. I just think the movie had a hard time figuring out if it wanted to be a movie about a superhero in high school, or a high school movie about a superhero. I enjoyed his pal Ned (Jacob Batalon) he provided great comedic moments, and at one point even utters the words “I’m looking at porn,” which in my recollection is the first mention of porn in the MCU, so kudos to Ned. I also loved how he wanted to be Spider-Man’s “guy in a chair” aka his Alfred, but it was funny to watch them tiptoe around that, because obviously they wouldn’t say that in a Marvel movie. Liz (Laura Harrier) who plays Peter’s crush was good. They actually had some pretty good chemistry, and she has a lot going on in her life during this. Her storyline was really cool to see play out all the way through. We have MJ (Zendaya) and no that is NOT Mary Jane, but just Michelle. Is this the “new” MJ, I’m not so sure, but I know she was excellent in this. She was like really weird, cooky and pretty awkward, but provided some of the best comedic relief I can remember in the MCU. Do I think they will introduce the actual Mary Jane, yes I do, but for now I want to see where Zendaya’s character and her relationship with Peter goes. Marisa Tomei is back as Peter’s hot Aunt May. It’s actually so weird, but I can live with it, because she’s a super-star and does a really good job in this role. I will say this; they completely wasted Donald Glover, like what the actual hell? Donald Glover, wasted, I never thought I would utter those words. He’s in two scenes, and I’m pretty sure he was super baked for both of them. Or that’s just how it appeared to me. I don’t know if they scaled down his role after he landed a spot in the new Han Solo movie, but I was excited to see who he would be playing and well yeah, what a disappointment. Also give Hannibal Buress something more to do please. First he was wasted in Baywatch and now this? The man simply deserves better people. Now for the big guy Robert Downey Jr. himself. I wonder if Marvel execs just get down on their hands and knees every night and pray and thank god that he landed the role of Iron Man. Because I don’t think the MCU is a thing if he doesn’t. He steals every scene he’s ever in, and he pretty much is Tony Stark at this point. He was in the movie the perfect amount, and I can’t wait to see where his relationship with Peter goes. I have a feeling; Tony might become a Daddy soon! Those two are going to do some special things on screen together in Avengers: Infinity War, I’m telling you that right now.

I’ll give director Jon Watts some credit here, but realistically, I think anyone could have come in and directed this thing. Marvel finally got their hands on Spider-Man, I highly doubt they gave a single ounce of creative control to their director of choice, and that’s probably why they landed on Watts. The high school aspect of this movie has a real John Hughes type vibe to it, which I can get behind. I’m totally okay with a younger Peter Parker right now, he’s part of such a large universe that introducing all of his minor characters would have been a mistake. I like it when he’s a wise cracking teenager. Do I think Watts will return for the sequel, maybe? Do I feel like they should really go for it in the second installment and bring in a big name person, absolutely? There just wasn’t enough fat for me to chew on during this, stuff was happening sure, but the action wasn’t great and the third act was just a mess. Marvel’s biggest problem right now, well superhero movies in general is the big third act. The airplane sequence was such a big  mess, that half the time you don’t really know what’s going on. Spider-Man and Vulture are kind of just rolling around and there are about 100 edits in a row, and it really didn’t need to be that way. Keep it simple, do things that make Spider-Man so great, he barley beats up any bad guys in this thing.

Every time a trailer was released, I just knew something was up with this movie, and after seeing the movie. They showed the whole thing in those trailers. The big second act boat scene was ruined, which could have been a really cool moment, but I sat there thinking, that I have seen this about half a dozen times already, so why should I be impressed by this? And also, they tried so hard to recreate some magic from the train sequence in Spider-Man 2, and well good luck with that. I just wanted a special moment somewhere in this movie, and for me it never really came. We’ve had 6 Spider-Man movies since 2002 now, and material is somewhat running thin. All they really need to do is stick to the basics when it comes to this superhero; it’s really not hard to get this character right. I just think Marvel had a vision for what they wanted, and need Spider-Man for the bigger picture, this movie was just an easy way for them to make some quick cash. Am I excited for him to be an Avenger, and fight Thanos? Hell yes I am, I can’t wait to see him interact with all the other heroes, and maybe even become the next Iron Man. I have a funny feeling Tony Stark is going to adopt him, and well Tony will bite it, and leave everything to Peter. Ultimately becoming Iron Spider, just a theory. I’m ranking this behind Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. Really hoping we get to see Tom Hardy’s Venom and this incarnation of Spider-Man throw down. Lastly, did anyone else get a Her vibe, when he was talking to the A.I in his suit, or was that just me? Probably just me always is.

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Nate’s Movie Tour Reviews – Spider-Man Homecoming = 83/100



Still Not Sold on ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ 

Are they really going to make Spider-Man the next Ironman? 


So I think this is the final Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, well at least I hope it is. They are not holding back with showing us, well practically the entire movie. Seriously this is one movie you don’t need to sell us fans on, and they keep giving us more new footage and new trailers every other week it seems. This movie has the word Spider-Man in the title, it’s going to make a billion dollars regardless of wether or not it blows. So why on Earth are they showing us so much! I would have been so pumped to not know just how much Ironman was going to be in this. I just feel like I know every single beat and plot point that will happen. I can’t decide if I’m a fan of his talking suit or not. That’s kind of Ironman’s thing, but I guess we will see how that plays out. All these gadgets are cool and all, but I just don’t think that’s Spider-Man’s thing. He’s got his webs and his wit and that’s always been good enough for me. Don’t try to overdue this and make him cool, he’s cool enough already! 

Don’t get me wrong, it looks fantastic, and I think Tom Holland is the perfect choice to play the web slinger. It just looks like every other Marvel movie, and with how GOTG 2 turned out, I’m going to remain skeptical until I see the finished product. So prove me wrong Marvel please! Because well we haven’t gotten a good Spider-Man movie in almost 10 years, so it’s long overdue. 

The cast is incredible so I’m not worried about that one bit, I just don’t want Keaton turned into just another generic Marvel villain, he’s way to good of an actor for that. So let’s hope he’s got some layers to his character and gets enough screen time. I’m glad they finally showed some Donald Glover footage, I’m really curious about his role in the movie! 

They dropped two trailers today, with the international being the better of the two. I dunno I’m just upset they have shown so much footage, when they just need to do so. It’s freaking Spider-Man, everyone and their dog will be lining up to see this one! I know I will  

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So ‘American Assassin’ Looks Good. 

So I know what book I’m reading next 

Well this trailer certainly came out of nowhere. Kind of like what a real life assassian would do. There’s nothing like a good old fashion movie trailer dropping, that you have no idea about and it leaves you wanting to watch the movie immediately. 

Centred around counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp, who appears to be a pretty big bad ass, I feel like he’s out for some revenge in this movie. It appears that when on vacation with his girlfriend the trip takes a turn for the worst when she might be killed, I’m not certain because the trailer doesn’t really give a whole lot away. He does know his way around a gun and hand to hand combat, with the action in this movie looking very John Wick and Jason Bourne like which is never a bad thing. 

The thing that perked my ears up the most was its two main stars. Michael Keaton, who is full on back in Hollywood after what I felt was a long departure from being in the spotlight. He serves as Stan Hurley who will be Mitch’s mentor throughout the flick. Mitch himself will be played by Dylan O’Brien and personally I’m a fan. I actually enjoyed The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trails, but after an injury on set for the third movie, Dylan’s acting career has been put on hold. Ironically enough he was up for the new Spider-Man role, which stars Keaton himself coming up. Taylor Kitsch, Scott Adkins and Sanaa Lathan round out the rest of the pretty stellar cast. Something about this trailer just got me really excited to see it, considering up until yesterday I didn’t even know this movie existed. 

Excuse while I go buy the book the movie is based off of, because there’s nothing better than a good book! 

Check ya later. 


The Founder Review

One word, persistence

When you think of McDonald’s, what comes to mind? The Big Mac, McNuggets, Royale with cheese, The McGangBang (that’s actually a thing and it’s delicious), well we all have one man to thank for these tasty treats and that’s Ray Kroc. The Founder is quite the fascinating story, I’m not sure if people truly know the backstory of how McDonald’s came to be. I’ll put it this way; this is the Social Network movie for McDonald’s. Obviously not as good (Social Network is one of the best movies in the past decade) but it tells the story of how McDonald’s started, and just like the Social Network showed, sometimes business can get nasty. Ray Kroc definitely did not study business ethics.

The Founder stars the great Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the man who had a vision for what McDonalds could ultimately become. The year was 1954 and Kroc was a down on his luck milkshake mixer salesmen, going from diner to diner in the Midwest giving the same chicken or the egg sales pitch with no luck. Then one day Kroc gets a phone call that changes his life forever. A restaurant called McDonald’s in San Bernardino California wants 8 mixers and Ray is flabbergasted at the possibility that a restaurant can make that many milkshakes in a day. Curious, Ray travels down to San Bernardino to see this for himself and the moment he sets his eyes on McDonald’s, well let’s just say its love at first site. There he meets Dick (Nick Offerman) and Mac (John Carroll Lynch) McDonald, where they introduce him to their speedy system, which promises their customers service in under 30 seconds. Kroc is immediately intrigued by all of this and wants to be part of it. The casting was perfect for both brothers, especially Nick Offermans character. He played the hard-nosed brother who really took charge in the operation. Ray tells the brothers that it’s time to “FRANCHISE, FRANCHISE, FRANCHISE,” this thing because he believes that McDonalds can be the next great American church. I loved how the movie displayed the passion, love and care the McDonald brothers had for their business. They were obsessed with quality control, and believed that having an overall better product was simply better than having a ton of restaurants where they couldn’t control day-to-day operations. The brothers finally give in to Ray’s persistence and let him become head of franchising. At first Ray is having a hard time finding investors and finds himself losing money rather than making it. Butting heads along the way with the brothers, about where this business should go and how to go about doing it.

This is where Ray starts to go about things in his own way, by not necessarily cutting corners, but by doing things in the Kroc way rather than the McDonald way. Ray is a businessman through and through, but his obsession starts to interfere with his home life, things with his wife, Ethel (Laura Dern) gets worse and worse and Ray starts to drink more and more. When the brothers start to catch on to what Ray is really up to, they are saddened that he would try to come between them and the thing they hold most dear to their hearts. All they wanted was to run a great restaurant where families could come to have a good time and enjoy a nice meal together. They didn’t care so much about the financial aspect of the business, where that’s all Ray concentrated on. Having signed a contract, Ray was prohibited to make any changes to McDonald’s until Dick and Mac approved it. Until one day, Ray figured out that he was no longer in the restaurant business but the real estate business. Everything changes after this, and if it wasn’t for that conclusion, McDonald’s might not be what it is today.

Overall the cast was great, Keaton has been a role lately, just crushing it again in The Founder. This is Ray Kroc’s’ story and to be honest it was hard to root for the guy sometimes because he wasn’t the nicest guy. I’m being nice in saying that, Ray Kroc was an asshole. The casting of both Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch worked out so well, to me it really felt like they were brothers. I’m a big fan of Offerman so it’s nice to finally see him in a more serious role, showing off his acting chops. John Carroll Lynch is the classic (you don’t know who that is, but if you see a picture, you’re like OH THAT GUY) so Google him now to prove my point. He was also great in this movie, as the somewhat more laid back of the two brothers, who just wanted to make a great hamburger. John Lee Hancock (Blind Side) is the director, and he just knows how to tell a really good story. The Founder also had a really great 50’s vibe to it; it made me miss the fact that you could get a hamburger for 15 cents back then. My only gripe with this movie was in some spots it was a little dull, and I at the end of the movie I didn’t know how I felt about Ray Kroc. Sometimes you just have to be ruthless in business, and if it weren’t for him McDonald’s simply wouldn’t be what it is today. If anything this movie makes a great commercial for McDonalds, heck I crushed two McDoubles afterwards!

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Nate’s Movie Tour Reviews — The Founder = 72/100