‘Triple Frontier’ Trailer

This is either going to be incredible or a pile of crap. There is no in between.

Well regardless of the outcome, I guess it’s got one thing going for it, that’s a whole lot of hunk. My god, what a cast. When this trailer dropped yesterday I was shocked, shocked to see a movie with a cast like this be a Netflix release. In my opinion that means that it’s either a pile of absolute shit or they have truly something special on their hands. I can’t decide where it’s going to fall, even after watching the trailer multiple times.

Army boys get together to plan a good old heist. So we all know how much I love a good heist movies. You know the recipe, betrayal, backstabbing and tons of action. I want this all in every movie I see, but that can’t happen. I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing Ben Affleck in another role another thank a superhero flick. It’s about time to see him in another project, I feel like it’s been ages since we have seen him in just a straight up action film, probably since The Town. J.C Chandor is directing and he doesn’t have any real credentials to his name, so that worries me. But if Netflix picked him, he must be the man for the job.

Joining Ben is Oscar Issac, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal and my boy Garrett Hedlum. That is so much talent on the screen at one time. That’s why I’m leaning on the side of this being really good! All these guys didn’t sign up for a shitty project, there’s just no way. It’s also dropping sooner rather than later in March, so we won’t have to wait that long. Check out the trailer below.


American Vandal Is Refreshing

Netflix’s new 8-part crime mockumentary, reinvents the dick joke in honestly the best way possible.

Remember how everyone went crazy for Making A Murderer a few years back? It took the world by storm, and made people question authority and the justice system. It was an interesting take on a criminal case, and a fresh new documentary, that got people talking. Now think about it again, but this time, instead of murder, it’s about a person drawing dicks on cars. Yeah, you’re already sold. I haven’t binged watched something in a very long time, but I sat down, and watched all 8 episodes in a row of American Vandal, because honestly from the opening few minutes it had me hooked, and just laughing out loud.

First things firsts, this is not real, and I pray to god you didn’t think that at any point during the show. That being said, it shouldn’t take away anything from your viewing experience, because this is just really well done. They take the premise of Making A Murderer and add a little Freaks and Geeks, and high school drama/humour and come away with a pretty impressive product. Everyone loves a good dick joke, some more than others, but an entire 8 episode show about dicks, call me crazy, it works, and works really well. Netflix isn’t reinventing the wheel here, but they are doing something completely and utterly different, and turning something that was very compelling, into something that is actually also very compelling.

So the story is about Dylan Maxwell, who is the class clown in his high school. He’s a burnout, an idiot and overall just a pretty stupid kid. Jimmy Tatro who plays Dylan, you might recognize him from 22 Jump Street, does such an incredible job here, portraying just an absolute stoner idiot. I was really impressed with him, he comes off as a cool guy, but who doesn’t know when to quit sometimes. He’s not very popular in school, besides his friends known as the “Way Back Boys”, because well they all go way back. Dylan has a certain reputation in school, and when one day, 27 dicks are spray-painted onto 27 different cars, that happen to belong to teachers, well all fingers pointed to Dylan. He was a known dick drawer in school, and wore that with a badge of honour. He loved drawing them and was quite proud to have this reputation in school. Here’s the thing, Dylan says he didn’t draw the dicks, so who did? When Peter and Sam, somewhat friends of Dylan’s because they all work together at the morning news show decide they want to prove his innocence. There are a ton of great twists and turns throughout the show, they make you go one way, then totally flip you on your head. They do a great job at trying to keep you guessing, because everyone episode you think someone new drew the dicks, that’s why you got so involved and invested into the show. All the great high school stereotypes are involved here also, and they do a wonderful job playing into all of those roles. Alex Trimboli, remember that name, because you will HATE that guy.

From there they go on to make a documentary called American Vandal, and start digging deeper into this story, and want nothing more than the truth. No spoilers in here, when I saw the trailer I didn’t think this show was real. Until recently when I saw it was going to be released yesterday. I’ll say this about American Vandal, the show is just really well done. This is a real crime drama, it’s hilariously funny, but yet can be very serious, I know this show is about dicks. But the way they go about doing it all, makes it so interesting and compelling, and after the first episode, all you want to know is who drew the dicks? The show is about more than just dicks, it’s got some really great high school humour involved, about sexual conquests, drinking your first beer, and incredibly funny interactions with teachers. Take my word for it, you should really sit down and watch this show, because soon enough, someone will probably ask you, who do you think drew the dicks? I know that dick jokes can be common and over done and even juvenile, but not this time. They have managed to make one of the most over used and easiest jokes to make, and turned it into a work of art. I was pissed it was only 8 episodes long, because you kind of get entranced with these characters and almost start to feel for some of them.

I was so invested into this story, and when it was all over, I didn’t know what to think, I know they told one of the best dick jokes I’ve ever heard, and I haven’t laughed this much at a television show in a very long time. But I think I was more impressed with the execution of the show more than anything, it felt real, it wanted you to believe it was, and overall it was just so well done. They pull you in from the cliff-hanger ending of episode one, and from there you just want to get to the bottom of this crazy dick joke story. Something like this shouldn’t be as good as it was, because it’s about dicks, and that could have gone either way, but they nailed it. They really did, and I’m excited to see if they do something like this again, I might even re-watch it, so I can try to find more clues to this mystery, because at the end of the day, who drew the dicks?

Check ya later

I don’t usually rate TV shows, but this is a 10/10 no doubt.


Marvel’s The Defenders Trailer! 

Sigourney Weaver can actually do no wrong.



Okay so like most people, I have come to love and hate some of the Marvel Netflix shows. Both seasons of Daredevil were fantastic. I thought the first 7 episodes of Luke Cage were again just fantastic. Jessica Jones was okay, and I couldn’t really get into Iron Fist. Well now they are all coming together to form a super group. That’s right, the team up no one asked for, but after Daredevil season one everyone wanted. All around I think Netflix does a great job with these shows, they are all unique in their own way, and it distances itself from the MCU the best it can. Let’s face it we will never see any of these characters in an MCU movie and that’s okay in my opinion. These shows are their own thing; it’s Marvel’s way to show their gritty side.

One thing is for sure; man do these shows like hallway fight scenes. I think they just put them in there now just to please us fans, but they work so well. This trailer was pretty awesome. It was like a mini movie if you ask me. I’ll say this; the chemistry between the four heroes seems real. I think these four people really do like each other, and I mean that outside of work. They appear to be friends in real life, and I think that will go along way for the shows success. It looks like everyone is having fun, and enjoying their time together. We see in the trailer that maybe we will have a Jones/Daredevil team up and an Iron Fist/Luke Cage team up at the start. They will obviously all come together but I like the idea of mixing up the foursome and breaking it down into two separate teams. I’m curious to see them maybe go toe-to-toe with one another, which I’m sure we will see plenty of in the first few episodes. Their chemistry and teamwork seem to be on the right page and that’s a great start for this show.

I’m curious to know more about Sigourney Weaver and her character. She is playing the villain and since all of our heroes are pretty tough to beat just singlehandedly, I don’ t want to know what it’s going to take in order to defeat them all at once. I’m sure she will just be the puppet-master, the person pulling all the strings but it would be pretty awesome to see her throw down against The Defenders. Who knows and only time will tell, but I hope there’s a really good villain, because one thing I have loved from the Marvel shows has been the baddies. They do a better job at creating appealing, a well-rounded villain, unlike the MCU, so lets hope that trend continues. Sigourney has been known to be a badass throughout her entire career, so maybe she’s got one last ass kicking left in her. Known as Alexandra she is a brand new villain created for the show, which in my mind makes this even better. She doesn’t have to worry about pleasing fans and doing a character justice. She can simply just act this part out and create something new and unique for all us fan boys to enjoy.

I’m excited for this show what can I say? I hope they use all the best stuff from each individual show and make one awesome extravaganza. Each show was special in its own way, and they need to pull all of those things from each show and combine it to make this show the best it can possibly be. We know all these shows are getting seasons 2 and 3, and we are even getting a Punisher show, who knows maybe he will turn up in this. We get a glimpse of Elektra in this trailer, so nothing is out of play. Actually a Punisher vs. Elektra showdown would be pretty awesome to see, now that I think about it. The stakes are going to be high for The Defenders, and I have a feeling somehow is going to die; my guess would be Claire or Stick. Only time will tell, can’t wait for this to drop!

Check ya later,