New & Improved ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer

Okay, sometimes maybe it is a good thing to listen to internet crybabies. This new design has everyone thinking positive thoughts about Sonic.

We all cried and they listened. It finally worked and yes I’m sure people had to work countless hours of overtime and put a ton of hard work into changing the design of Sonic, but it’s a complete success!

The trailer is pretty much the same one we got months ago, but it’s been upgraded and it even feels more fresh. Like there’s been life pumped back into this film. The voice work of Ben Schwartz always worked and everyone is excited to see what Jim Carey does in this role. Now we have almost a flawless Sonic design to go along with all of this. Could be a recipe for success. Who knows, but after all the hard work it would be cruel and rude not to reward the people by going to see their movie.

Sonic sprints into theatres this Valentines Day!


First ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Drops

Caution. If you are holding something sharp while this trailer plays, there’s potential you poke your eyes out…

Yup. That’s a real life thing, that’s really going to happen. That’s our first look at the live action Sonic. So many questions. Why does he have human teeth? Why is this movie taking place on Earth? Where the hell is Tails? First of all, who made the outrageous decision to make this a buddy cop movie? In all seriousness. Who said out loud – for a movie that is based on a blue hedgehog that is super fast, and gains powers by collecting and running through rings “maybe this should take place on Earth, and be a buddy cop movie!” That person needs to be fired, like yesterday.

Talk about an all time yikes from me. I was pretty excited for this flick, I loved the games growing up and Sonic and Dr. Robotnik who is being played by the loveable Jim Carrey, have such an interesting relationship, and it’s the fundamental backbone of this franchise. Now we are tossing is the cliche army trope that is going to deal with the problem, but in all reality the guy they hired to deal with the problem, turns out to be the real problem. Give me a break.

It’s pretty simple, Sonic runs, he hangs out with his pals Tails and Knuckles and beats up Robotnik and his crazy inventions every once and awhile. This is why video game adaptations are always so bad, because they don’t understand how to translate the source material onto the big screen. Like if we don’t get Super Sonic in this movie, I will riot. I had a Tails stuffed animal growing up, he’s adorable and needs to be in it. James Marsden who is a fine actor, feels like the studios 12th pick to play this role, and the saving grace for not having this be a complete dumpster fire is the terrific voice work by Ben Schwartz.

We will see about Carrey and his portrayal of Robotnik, and I’m glad they showed us his true iconic look at the end of the trailer, but the whole thing just kind of stunk.

Hate to base everything off a trailer, but this fell flat on its face the moment the race began.

Check out the trailer for yourself.