Let’s Talk About the ‘IT’ Trailer 

The Losers Club and Pennywise are back and it looks terrifying as hell

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Boy does this trailer bring me back, to being scared shitless of clowns. The 90’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT is getting a makeover this year and the first official trailer has just dropped. Even the poster that was released yesterday is simply incredible, the way they hide Pennywise behind the balloon is really smart, and super creepy.

One thing is for certain this isn’t the 90s TV adaptation that’s for sure. This looks horrific, and I get a sense this time around Pennywise might not be cracking to many jokes. Tim Curry managed to blend comedy with horror perfectly when he suited up as the dancing clown back in the day and now Bill Skarsgard is on deck and from the little we got to see in the trailer, I think he’s going to make Tim proud.

This was a fantastic trailer, and what a movie trailer should be. They didn’t give away too much, teased us with Pennywise, he didn’t even have any lines of dialogue which I was kind of pissed about but understand why it was done. He looks so scary and the last 10 seconds of this trailer are straight up what nightmares are made of. They obviously had to change the look of Pennywise for this and the first pictures that were released were met with mixed reviews, well now seeing this in the flesh and in action I couldn’t be happier with it. All the kids in The Losers Club seem scared out of their minds, and the tagline “what are you afraid of?” is awesome, because Pennywise is known to bring out your worst fears and make them into a reality.

IT made my most anticipated list, and after watching this trailer a boatload of times I’m even more excited for the final product. Having a September release date makes me a little worried because that is usually a garbage month for movies after the long summer blockbuster season, but I will remain hopeful until its release. Looking forward to seeing some kids get straight up murdered, sorry not sorry for saying that, it will be bloody and grotesque and I can’t wait.

Check ya later.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the ‘IT’ Trailer ”

  1. I enjoyed this teaser trailer for IT. Thought it looked great, very spooky and scary. I liked the original 90’s TV version and the novel of course, its one of my favourite Stephen King stories, so I’m looking forward to the new film. Looks like they’ve done the source material justice as well. Pennywise looks really scary in this!

      1. Yes, it was a great adaptation as well. I’ve not seen it in ages, time for me to give it a rewath in time for the new IT movie as well

  2. IT was definitely solely responsible for my fear of clowns and while it might be wise to not watch this movie, you know damn well opening weekend I’ll be watching this. I’m super stoked and I loved how they only gave us peeks into Bill’s adaptation. I’m so frickin exciteddddd.

    1. No doubt! I had to leave a few sleepovers a young lad when this movie was put on. I’m looking forward to the direction they seem to be taking the remake. Hoping it’s successful enough to spawn a sequel!

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