Let’s Finally Talk About That Mummy Trailer

I swear Tom Cruise could be a world class marathon runner



A little late to the party here, but late is better than never. The newest Mummy trailer dropped staring Tom Cruise himself and it looks pretty awesome!  Universal is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Marvel and DC and launch their very own universe but full of the beloved monsters that we have all come to grow and love.

Tom Cruise’s The Mummy will start things off for this monster movie universe and it looks like the jump-start this universe will need. The movie looks promising from what we have seen so far from the trailers, action packed and taking the Mummy back to its roots and this has a little horror vibe to it. It certainly looks like it’s distancing itself from the early 2000s Mummy franchise staring Brendan Fraser, they were fun, but they certainly haven’t aged well. Get it, aged well? That was a Mummy joke….

Moving on, the reason why I think this movie will be successful is biggest of its star. You don’t go out and get one of the worlds biggest movie stars without a plan laid out for this monster universe and Tom Cruise just isn’t saying yes to any old movie. He wants to be apart of something that will be successful and more importantly cool. So with Risky Business himself onboard, well so am I. It’s also helped that I’ve liked both trailers that have dropped so far, and I just like Tom Cruise, the guy doesn’t really do bad movies. Also Sofia Boutella looks awesome as the titled character, the Mummy. She was wicked in both Kingsmen and the latest Star Trek movie!

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  1. Agreed. Tom doesn’t do bad movies. He is the reason why I’m even going to watch this.

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