‘The Disaster Artist’ Review

I did like it, it’s true! It’s not bullshit! I did like it! Oh hi guys!

Back in the late 90s two friends had a dream. To become real Hollywood actors. They wanted the world to know their names. Well Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero congratulations, you were successful in accomplishing your goal. You guys did it; you became real Hollywood actors, and managed to create the “best worst movie” ever made. The Room made in 2003, is an enigma to say the least. It has reached certain cult status like most films dream of; it still gets played in theatres every year. It has become this mystery, where people are so unsure about what the movie is about, the behind the scenes stories of the production. Which was an estimated 6 million dollars, all paid for by Tommy himself. Now Tommy Wiseau is a character. No one really knows much about this man, and I think that’s what makes the movie and this whole story even more insane. The Room has even become a famous movie within Hollywood itself, for guys like James Franco; they wanted to know as much as they could about this project. And when co-star of The Room, Greg Sestero wrote a book titled “The Disaster Artist” a story about the making of the worst movie ever made, people were so intrigued. Now fast forward to 2017 and James Franco wanted to make a movie about this whole story. The making of the movie and about Tommy Wiseau himself. Tommy wrote, directed and financially support this whole thing, something that is so uncommon in Hollywood that it makes for a very interesting story, one that James Franco felt needed to be told. So when Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber wrote a screenplay based off Greg’s book, James knew he needed to be part of this project. Now going into this movie, I think it’s important you are familiar with The Room, maybe even watch it a few times because I think that makes the experience more enjoyable, but that being said, The Disaster Artist is a terrific comedy. It has so much heart; it’s about chasing your dreams, never friendship and most importantly never giving up. Overall it’s just a really fantastic movie.

Just imagine getting to make one of your dream projects along side your brother must be an incredible feeling and that’s exactly what the Franco brothers accomplished with The Disaster Artist. James (Wiseau) and Dave (Sestero), both shine. It’s great from start to finish and James Franco throws himself at this role, he becomes Tommy Wiseau. A very similar situation to that of Jim Carey and Man On The Moon, he has become the character he is playing down to every last detail and mannerism. It’s hard to understand that fully, without knowing anything about Tommy Wiseau or without seeing The Room, because you can’t comprehend all of the work that went into getting ready for this role. You’ll just think James is acting like a weirdo, and won’t fully appreciate what you are witnessing. Everyone is great in their roles; Seth Rogan is fantastic as Sandy who helps with the production of the movie. You can’t have a James Franco movie, especially a comedy without his best buddy Seth. Alison Brie who plays Greg’s love interest, who is actually married to Dave Franco in real life, so obviously those two had terrific chemistry in the movie. All I will say is the introduction to James’s character is mesmerizing and after that scene, you are kind of hooked right in.

When it comes to getting the story right when it comes to the creation of The Room, The Disaster Artist nails it perfectly. The movie is a complete and total disaster, but at the same time it is really inspiring, and heartfelt, because these two guys, these two best friends, set out on a mission together, to create something, and for better or for worse they accomplish that goal. Yes, there are many speed bumps along the way, and the movie captures that beautifully. Whether it’s Tommy getting angry with Greg for getting involved with someone, so he feels left out. Or people not RESPECTING HIS VISION! It’s just a really endearing story, one that people can get behind, because it’s kind of an under dog kind of tale. One thing I was happy about, and I was worried the movie might go a certain way. We weren’t laughing at Tommy and his awful movie the entire time, we all know how it turns out, and we know the story behind it all. They were able to capture the more human side of Tommy and his journey when making this movie, and how he just wanted to make something that he was proud and passionate about. When he starts to realize how his film is being received on opening night, you really feel for the guy. It’s kind of heartbreaking, because he poured his entire soul into this project, only for people not to understand his vision. I don’t think he ever could have imagined the cult status this movie would endure and how much of a star he would actually become.

Overall the movie is just fantastic, I had a lot of fun with it. I think it really helped that I watched The Room before going to see it. I think it just feels more personal when you know the source material, and will understand the jokes better and just get a better sense of the scope of the movie. It teaches you to be yourself, chase your dreams and always have a positive outlook on life. I recommend both The Room and The Disaster Artist; watch them both in the same night if you can. You will not be disappointed.

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Nate’s Movie Tour Review – The Disaster Artist = 85/100

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