Cleveland Cavaliers Team Preview

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Last Seasons Record – 50-32 (4th)

This Seasons Record – 25-57


Just like my boy LeBron James would say, “Sheeeeeesh!” So the King himself, LeBron James packed up and headed somewhere warm, a place where the beer flows like wine. I’m talking about a little place called Los Angeles. This is going to be really bad for Cavs fans. I’m sorry in advance, you watch your King head to the West Coast and live it up, while you guys are back to being, well complete and utter garbage. The last time LeBron left Cleveland, they ended up getting two 1st overall picks, but this roster is a little bit different, but it’s not much.

Key Additions and Subtractions. 

So something big is missing, I can’t quite put my finger on it. That’s right, the best player in the world LeBron James is no longer on this roster. He is gone, and he’s probably never coming back. I’m sorry Cavs fans, but you got that championship so you have to be happy. You have to realize that your owner messed up having the greatest player since Michael Jordan TWICE. You can not blame LeBron for wanting more. But you might have drafted a stud this season with Colin Sexton, and Kevin Love is now the main man. This is now Kevin’s team and we haven’t really seen that since his days in Minnesota days, where he was an absolute animal, so I’m excited to see if he can return to his rare form. Colin Sexton wants to prove to everyone that he slipped hard in the draft, and will be trying to win that Rookie of The Year award. They also added Sam Dekker and Channing Frye is back! So all hope isn’t completely lost, but things will be bleak this upcoming year.

Year Long Question – Will Ty Lue be the coach by the end of the season?

So now that the Cavs lost their coach (LeBron James) things will be all on Ty Lue this season. I think it’s time we find out if this man can actually coach or if he was just another pawn in the game of LeBron James. He doesn’t have a lot to work with, but great coaches don’t. I think if things get off to an insanely rocky start this year and the fans want him out, Ty Lue could be coaching for his job before the all-star break. I personally think it should be the start of a new era in Cleveland and it’s time for Lue to move on from this team. I think he will be fired or leave at the seasons end.

Fan Mindset.

Poor Kevin Love. He goes from Minnesota to playing with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Two of the top 15 players in the entire league. Now he’s looking around wondering how the hell did I get here? He’s Will Smith in this scene, looking around, reminiscing about the past, and JR Smith is Carleton. The lovable idiot. Who Kevin Love will have to rely on heavily this season. The Cavs are going from a mansion in Bel-air to a trailer park in the Mid-West.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – Kevin Love misses 60 plus games

Kevin Love just got paid. Like a garbage truck full of money kind of pay. But I have a sneaky suspicion that he is going down with a devastating injury this year. I hate to predict something like this because we all want everyone to be healthy, and the league to be as competitive as it can be. But he’s going to have such an immense workload, I don’t know if his body can handle it. If Kevin Love does go down, look for the Cavs to be the worst team in the league.

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