Sacramento Kings Team Preview

At least Fox is looking good!

Last Seasons Record – 27-55

This Seasons Record – 32-50

Good old Sacramento. The place we’re dreams and careers usually go to die. I’m kidding Kings fans, but it feels like 50 years since this team has been relevant. The biggest what if franchise, arguably should have won 2 titles, at least one for sure. But that’s all in the past and this team is looking to build a strong and bright future. De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley are great pieces to work off of, the only question is. Can they keep these two guys happy enough to make them stick around. Winning and a sense of direction need to occur in order for that to become a reality. De’Aaron Fox who I dubbed “Lefty Westy” is off to a great start. He really could be a special player and he is the reason why I am tuning in to Kings games. He needs to become a player, because he’s the reason the Kings passed on Doncic in the draft.

Key Additions and Subtractions.

Much like every single season, the Kings went through some roster changes in the offseason. It’s the MO, it’s what they do best. Guys don’t really want to stay there. I’m sorry but most players these days want to be around a winning culture. Vince Carter parted ways just after one season. They added rookie stand out Marvin Bagley, Yogi Ferrell and Ben McLemore is back to where it all began. A younger team with some serious upside. They just need certain guys like Skal and Buddy Hield to take that next step.

Year Long Question – Can Harry Giles figure it out?

The kid went to Duke. He was a first round draft pick. All the pieces were in place for him to become a productive NBA player. That really hasn’t happened yet, but that was due to injuries and lack of play. Things could be turning around for Giles and if that happens, all sorts of doors could open up for the Sacramento Kings. They need this, they need this guy to become a stud. They need to almost start getting lucky. They won’t be signing any big name free agents, because like I said. Big time free agents want to go to a culture of winning and with the prospect of winning a ring. That won’t be the case in Sacramento for a long time. But building through the draft and hitting on picks is the first step in the right direction.

Fan Mindset.


You’re watching old memories. Memories you don’t think anyone has lived. How could someone have lived them. Most people only know the Kings to be, well the Kings. So when you find out that someone has in fact lived these memories…..GODDAMMIT!

So here’s the thing. The Kings might have one of the worst records in the league. But guess what? They don’t get a first round draft pick this year. If it’s the first overall pick it goes to Philly. Anything after that, it goes to Boston. The rich get richer and well Sacramento is just shit out of luck. I don’t want that to happen, I want the Kings to get around the 6th pick this year. It would be awful to see the Celtics get the 2nd overall pick and end up with Zion on their team. But that must be frustrating. That’s why I picked this scene. Kings fans probably go home and watch old YouTube clips of the good old days. Mike Bibby, Chris Weber, times when the NBA used to fear them. So this is their reaction, when they find out this horrible god awful news.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – They will win more games than last year

For a team like the Kings, it’s really difficult to go bold. What do I go bold about? They are just a below average franchise who are lacking any kind of star power, for now. So my prediction is, the Kings won’t be as bad as they were last season. In fact, they will won more games. Please, for the love of god, win more games. Do we really need the Celtics getting better? Everyone hates them already, that’s the last thing we need. So Kings, it’s time, time to restore a little faith in your fans. Win some games!

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