‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer

This is honestly the cutest shit I’ve ever seen. Going to be a worldwide phenomenon.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t go see this movie, you’re just lame. Look at how cute all these little guys are! Cuteness and nostalgia overload that’s for sure. It helps that again the trailer for Detective Pikachu is a home run. I can’t even explain just how perfect Ryan Reynolds is for voicing this character. I can’t get over just how funny this trailer is. I found myself laughing out loud on a number of occasions, and I just can’t help but smile the whole way through the trailer.

Name a Pokémon, any Pokémon and they will probably pop up at some point during the film. I counted at least 30 in the trailer alone, which is going to be so awesome to see. Mewtwo making an appearance is incredible and I don’t think that’s even spoiler territory. I’m curious to know a bit more about this world and how it works, but that should be explain in the movie. We even heard Pikachu say “hell” like this movie will have it all.

I keep saying this, but when live action is mixed perfectly with animation it is one of my favourite things. And with the whole murder/ potential murder plot this again reminds me so much of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and that’s the biggest compliment I can give this thing.

This could out-do Infinity War at the box-office, I’m not kidding. Piles upon piles of money is heading towards WB and many, many spinoffs. Get excited Pokémon fans, it’s time to see em all. I can’t wait to explore this world and find all the little Easter eggs hidden inside. This is going to be a delightful adventure.

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