‘The Lion King’ Trailer

So much yes.

It’s about time we got another look at Job Favreau’s The Lion King. With an insane crop of summer blockbusters heading our way, it was only a matter of time before the marketing campaign for this beloved Disney classic was kicked into high gear. Crazy to imagine that in a span of about 4 months the world gets a live action Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King. Dumbo had a hard time getting those big lovable ears off the ground and I hope that’s not the direction these live action adaptations are heading.

The trailer looks spectacular, the visuals are so stunning and it’s truly something special to see Pride Rock come to life. The visual aspect was never in doubt, after The Jungle Book. Even hearing the great James Earl Jones was like travelling back to my youth. It’s such a comforting voice and we are not ready for whats going to happen to him. The trailer felt very familiar, but I think they aren’t showing any of their cards just yet. A lot of the same shots and similar tone. We haven’t even heard Donald Glover yet, and that upsets me because I can’t wait to hear him sing.

It’s so invigorating, watching this trailer a few times, it looks so damn real, and with the incredible voice cast is really what’s going to push this film over the top. This cast is special to say the least, being extremely diverse and it had to be in order to bring these iconic characters to life. This is going to be a box-office monster, in a year full of films crossing the 1 billion dollar line with ease.

Can’t wait, this is going to be so much fun reliving this adventure. The Lion King hits theatres July 19th!

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