‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Trailer Drops!!

The first official trailer has dropped and it’s mass hysteria people, cats and dogs living together!

So a little movie called Ghostbusters came out all the way back in 1984, just a little indie film, most people have never heard of it. Well now, 36 years later the world is finally being treated to proton packs and the Ecto 1, the way it’s suppose to be intended.

Taking the mantel from his father Ivan, Jason Reitman is writing and directing the third instalment into this beloved franchise. Yes, a few years back we got the all female led movie, but that wasn’t connected to the original two movies. This is a proper sequel that looks like it’s going back to its roots and what made this franchise so wonderful. After they go broke a family has moved into the only thing they have left, a creepy old barn in the middle of nowhere that used to belong to their grandad. Well, lucky for them, that barn belongs to Egon Spangler, former collector of moulds and funguses and all around genius. Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace are suiting up as his grandchildren, while Carrie Coon is set to play their mother.

Paul Rudd is also joining in on the fun, as their teacher who just so happens to be a Ghostbusters fanatic. He is going to help guide them on the righteous path of never crossing the streams and teach them just how awesome their grandad used to be.

This trailer was way more serious than I thought it would be, and it just reminds me so much of the first Ghostbusters, there’s jokes, but not over the top comedy, everything feels like home in this trailer. It’s a small tease and this will surely be the start of a larger franchise, but this was a pretty incredible trailer, even more so if you’re a Ghostbuster purest. The originals are set to make their triumphant return and that will be a special moment, it’s just sad they all couldn’t still be a live to make it even more special.

They are even bringing back Slimer!

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