First ‘Morbius’ Trailer Arrives

Jared Leto is switching sides. He’s trading in his clown makeup for some fangs and thirst for blood in the first trailer for Morbius.

If you’re a character in a comic book, chances are you will be getting your very own movie someday. The newest entry, Michael Morbius. The scientist turned vampire, who’s just looking for a miracle cure to his almost incurable disease.A very unknown character, this comes across as a big risk for the MCU, but that’s right Morbius will be apart of the MCU. It was unclear until recently and the big reveal at the end of the trailer cements it fully. Micheal Keaton returns as The Vulture. Even if it’s a brief cameo we now know that Morbius will eventually go toe-to-toe with Spider-Man. Morbius will serve as a launching pad for another Spider-Man baddie, and one that could finally not be connect to Tony Stark which would be refreshing to say the least.

The trailer itself is just okay, it actually reminds me a lot of Venoms first trailer. They obviously don’t want to show off his look to much right away and want to save it for the films release. The little we did see looked pretty creepy. Whether or not they will be making him another anti-hero reminds a mystery. This looks dark and will be the closest horror MCU movie we may ever get.

4 thoughts on “First ‘Morbius’ Trailer Arrives”

  1. I didn’t mind it but I did find that that 1: They nearly hit the 3-minute mark which is always a sign that the studio is a little unsure of what they’re selling and 2: By doing this, gave away a lot of his character which 3: Already takes away a lot of surprises!

    I loved the connections to what’s already there though, and the thought that Spidey is hated now in that post-Far from Home world. Mysterio and all….

    1. I think this will be just like Venom. But it won’t make nearly as much money. Unless some big surprises are still lurking

  2. I reminds me a bit of the Venom trailer as well. That said, Morbius looks certainly looks quite promising. Will make a good standalone film, but I have a feeling they are building towards bigger things with this film maybe?

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