‘The Little Things’ Trailer

Denzel Washington solving things? Sign me up!

In a world where theatres are probably closed for the foreseeable future, have no fear, Denzel is here! January, known as the driest movie month of the entire year, but things could change. The movie landscape for right now is up on its head. Enter The Little Things.

Two cops tracking down a serial killer. One of whom is no longer a detective and the other is on the up and up. Sounds a tad familiar doesn’t it? If this trailer didn’t give you all sorts of Se7en vibes I don’t know what to tell you.

Denzel. Rami Malek and Jared Leto? This is a powerful cast, so instantly I am intrigued. Whenever Denzel plays a roll like this, it’s in the must watch category.

The trailer is creepy, Jared Leto is on another planet throughout the trailer and clearly everything isn’t as it seems. This one promises to have a great twist and if not, you can bet your ass we will be getting some knockout performances. Could be the first great movie of 2021. We shall see!

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