New ‘Spiral’ Trailer

The next installment of the Saw universe appears to breathe new into this long and forgotten franchise.

Spiral Tempts Chris Rock in New Image from Saw Sequel

Spiral, a movie that perhaps was lost among the pandemic, now has everyone’s attention with the newest trailer. For a franchise that became more of a parody on itself, I think it’s time we take this movie seriously.

Just by watching this trailer, you can clearly tell this has perhaps the best cinematography in the entire franchise. It looks beautiful and we have some real actors having actual performances, something the last few Saw movies were definitely lacking.

(Barrett) Chris Rock and (Marcus) Samuel L Jackson are a father-son duo with a complicated history. The driving force of the movie, Rock is giving his best performance in a long time. The thing about this new trailer is that it keeps you guessing. Barrett can’t trust anyone and neither would you with everything that’s going on. We are in the world of Jigsaw so expect the unexpected, one great thing about his trailer that will ultimately lead into the movie, it keeps you guessing and on your toes.

Saw fans will rejoice that we are getting a new and what looks like an improved look at the franchise. Bring on the games.

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