New ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Trailer!

Carnage is the star of the new trailer and he looks glorious. This franchise knows exactly what it is and that’s what makes it special.

Well, I don’t think fans expected to get a brand new look at Venom vs Carnage this morning, but here we are. Woody Harrelson is going full on crazy mode for his interpretation of Cletus Kasady the mass murderer turned super-duper bad guy. They don’t really shy away from focusing on him this time around with a ton of new awesome footage of Carnage in action. He’s mean, scary and the body count is about to skyrocket with him around.

They set up the story a little bit more and take us deeper into the relationship between Eddie Brock and Kasady before their alter-egos will go toe-to-toe. I’m not sure if biting Eddie Brock is means for Kasady to turn into Carnage but it could very well play a role in the matter.

The movie honestly feels like a rom-com comic book movie. The romance just so happens to be between Eddie and Venom. Their constant bickering and flawed relationship being pushed to the test. It was the best part of the first movie and it’s a great thing they aren’t shifting that focus away. All poor Venom wants to do is eat people, but it’s clear the movie is setting him up as very anti-hero material and that they will have bigger problems at hand when Carnage is set loose on the city. Epic fights, great visuals and some really good humour make for a wonderful new trailer.

The big question is obviously going to be, will this be linked to Spider-Man in any way and I think if this movie is successful enough, that is just inevitable. These are two of the most iconic Spider-Man foes, and with star power like this behind the characters, it’s a no brainer.

This looks like a ton of fun and when a movie has confidence about what it wants to be. That can only lead to good things. Bring on the Carnage!

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