‘Bullet Train’ Trailer

Brad Pitt is on a high speed train confronting all sorts of deadly assassins in a game of cat and mouse. Count me all the way in.

Bullet Train (2022) - IMDb

Sometimes you watch a trailer and realize 30 seconds in that you’ll be there opening weekend. This movie kind of has it all. Star power, stylish action and a premise that certainly never fails in Hollywood. A group of assassins in close quarters fighting amongst one other is always a recipe for success.

Directed by the action heavy David Leitch who is always trying to one up himself with each new movie. He certainly is bringing in a star-studded cast to hunt each other down. Pitt seems perfect for this kind of movie, he’s a complete bad ass but also seems like a sweet heart. I’m going to kill you but I don’t want to do it kind of guy.

This is just a small taste of whats to come for Bullet Train, guns, fists and swords? It’s just going to be straight up cool, a unique movie in it’s own right. It shoots up the list of my most anticipated that’s for sure.

Miss seeing Brad Pitt in movies and the fact we will see him like never before is the only excuse I need to go see this movie.

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