‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Trailer Hits

What an emotional, stunning teaser trailer that will surely be a movie to remember.

Well SDCC is in full effect, it’s been a day chalk full of news, promos and trailers. Disney and Marvel never disappoint in Hall H and they brought in the big guns tonight dropping the first official look at the sequel to one of the most successful films of all time, Black Panther.

We all know the tragedy that struck this franchise and fandom and everyone who knew and loved Chadwick Boseman. After his passing, it was unclear how the Black Panther franchise would be handled and carried on. Well, judging from this brief trailer, I can confidently say, it’s being handled with the upmost respect, and carefulness as you’d come to expect. Ryan Coogler is not shying away from making this an emotional ride and a tribute to the late great actor.

The trailer is simply stunning, something the MCU has severely been lacking as of late. Hitting some what of a standstill for someone like me, this certainly feels like a breath of fresh air and makes you wonder, why every MCU movie can’t look and feel this way. There is care behind the camera and visually speaking this is one of the better looking MCU trailers I can ever remember.

I’m sure people will be at a loss for words after watching this and there’s a time and place to talk about what happened in the trailer, but right now just sit back and experience what should be one of the strongest Marvel movies to ever grace the big screen.

Kudos to Ryan Coogler and the entire cast. They really pulled it off.

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