First ‘Transformers: Rise of The Beasts’ Trailer Is Here!

The Autobots are back and this time they are bringing some animal friends with them. The Beast Wars are finally here!

One of my favourite cartoons growing up was none other than Beast Wars. I had all the toys and it was just a cartoon that felt like it wasn’t just for kids. It dealt with mature themes and to this day still holds up as a great piece of the Transformers universe.

Say what you want about these movies, mindless entertainment, feel good-bad movies, classic Hollywood troupes. This franchise has only good things going for it as of late. Bumblebee the latest outing was met with great reviews from critics and fans and this appears to be more of the same. Michael Bay has left the directors chair and this time it’s Steven Caple Jr (Creed II) filling in. Anthony Ramos is taking the reins has the human lead with possible cameos of both Hailee Steinfeld and Marc Wahlberg? Perhaps that’s how they bridge the gap between the franchises. Who knows. All I know is BEAST WARS BABY!

Great first trailer, the song choice elevates it. All the Beast Wars looks stunning and that last snippet we got makes me melt. We just need these sorts of movies every five years to keep us sane as a population. Bring it on.

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