‘Dune 2’ Trailer

We are heading back to Arrakis, the land of spice and sand. Denis Villeneuve is whipping up a bonafide masterpiece, which will no doubt be one of the best science-fiction sequels of all time.

Dune 2 release date, casting, characters, and what we know so far - Polygon

Meet Feyd Rautha everyone, the new big baddie of Dune 2. Played by Elvis himself (Austin Butler), in what should be another career-defining performance. Now this is just the first trailer for a movie that is months and months away, but did this thing rock. Sequels are always bigger and pack more of a punch, well Dune 2 should be no different. Dune 2 will have a ton of action something that the first lacked, but that is because they were setting up the story and what’s to come. More action, higher stakes and more characters for us to hate.

The trailer is grandiose, epic and beautiful beyond measure. The visuals are simply stunning, allowing us to dive deeper into the mythology of spice, sandworms and the people of Arrakis. The cast is so damn loaded, we are evening getting the legendary Christopher Walken, in his first major role in almost a decade. Florence Pugh joins in the fun as well, and all the heavy hitters are back.

Dune fell at the very end of the pandemic and didn’t become a box-office success, something I see happening for the sequel. The opening weekend could be double of the original and I would love nothing more.

Just watch the trailer like 10 times, I did.

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