New & Improved ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer

Okay, sometimes maybe it is a good thing to listen to internet crybabies. This new design has everyone thinking positive thoughts about Sonic.

We all cried and they listened. It finally worked and yes I’m sure people had to work countless hours of overtime and put a ton of hard work into changing the design of Sonic, but it’s a complete success!

The trailer is pretty much the same one we got months ago, but it’s been upgraded and it even feels more fresh. Like there’s been life pumped back into this film. The voice work of Ben Schwartz always worked and everyone is excited to see what Jim Carey does in this role. Now we have almost a flawless Sonic design to go along with all of this. Could be a recipe for success. Who knows, but after all the hard work it would be cruel and rude not to reward the people by going to see their movie.

Sonic sprints into theatres this Valentines Day!


‘Scoob’ Trailer

This property is finally going back to its roots, where it rightfully belongs, animation.

After the semi-success of the live-action adaptations, Scooby-Doo has been on a serious hiatus, until now. Let’s all pile in the Mystery Machine and embark on a righteous adventure. The gang is all here including everyone’s favourite talking dog, Scooby-Doo. We are even getting an origin story of sorts about how the team came to be and more important how Scoob and Shaggy ended up in each other’s lives.

It’s already pretty obvious this looks heartfelt and hilarious, and could be a serious box-office success. With a talented cast, some great animation and it’s a well known property being given the proper treatment. Everything about this trailer just screams cute, it feels good to have Scoob back in our lives. 2020 is shaping up to be one great year for animation!


Final ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer

Buckle up people, Kylo Ren is back. I’ve never rooted harder for a villain in my life


Holy space battle Batman! It’s the one night of the year, where jocks and nerds unite, and nothing brings people together better than Star Wars. The newest and final trailer just dropped during Monday Night Football. You wonder who knows less about their subject, jocks and Star Wars or nerds and football.

What a doozy of a trailer that was, the finale, the final showdown, countless decades of fandom have been waiting for this exact moment. Whether you love the newest trilogy or not, it’s all coming to a close sooner than a lightspeed warp. So regardless of your feelings, enjoy this because you truly don’t realize what you’ve had till it’s gone.

All of the questions you’ve wanted to be answered will finally be revealed (hopefully) as JJ Abrams steps back in the director’s chair to finish what he started. If Disney hadn’t already made enough money at the box-office this year, tack on another billion-plus because this thing is going to be huge. JJ is promising us the biggest space battle in a Star Wars movie, or it at least seems that way, the fight we have all been waiting for between Kylo and Rey, and the answer to the question on everyone’s mind, how the heck as Palpatine been alive for so long, and how did he survive?

In classic Star Wars fashion, they have teased a lot. Palpatine is back, and they showed the slightest glimpse of him, well perhaps. He’s teasing that all of these people coming together is meant to be, so again could be alluding to Rey and Kylo, who knows. Everyone will have to find out for themselves on December 20th, when this movie either destroys more childhoods or brings peace to the force once and for all!

Check out the trailer below!


‘Richard Jewell’ Trailer

The year just doesn’t feel complete without a Clint Eastwood movie.

Seems like just yesterday this movie was even announced, let alone started production. Oh wait, this film literally starting filming in June and we already have a trailer for it. Clint Eastwood seriously doesn’t mess around when it comes to banging out his production schedule. When you think about it, it’s quite something having a movie trailer come out and have this much footage only 3 months after it’s start date.

The latest Eastwood flick, follows Richard Jewell, the hero of the 1996 Atlanta Bombings. Based on the incredible true story, once again, the film seems intriguing enough, and it’s always fascinating to see a man that is Eastwood’s age, pump out a film each year, remarkable really.

Chalked full of talented people, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates and Paul Walter Hauser, playing the lead role. Not completely a household name yet, but I loved him in I Tonya and he’s been taking great roles ever since.

The thing about most of Eastwood’s films is you never really know what you’re going to get. Since he makes a movie every year it can be difficult to stay consistent, but whenever Jon Hamm is playing a hard nosed cop, I’m all in. I think this looks better than last years, The Mule.


‘Birds of Prey’ Trailer

It’s the return of Harley Freakin Quinn.

So after a slight tease in front of IT: Chapter 2, Birds of Prey finally gets itself a full length trailer, and it’s just okay…

Obviously front and center is the star of the show, Harley Quinn, her name is in the title of the movie, so what do you expect? The trailer has a lot going for it, from its stylish and colourful cinematography, really creating quite the atmosphere for our birds. Paired with the well executed action set-pieces, the trailer flows pretty nicely. We even get to see Harley and her hyenas in live-action, probably the highlight of the entire trailer.

Here’s the big concern. If you are a casual fan and know very little about any of these characters, this trailer I feel will leaving you scratching your head. Yes, it’s a teaser, but you need to gain some momentum from each new trailer you release. There wasn’t even a name drop for any of the other birds in the trailer and not even trying to introduce them in the slightest. I know you want to focus on Harley Quinn, but in order for people to fully grasp what this movie is about, just felt like they should have done a better job in that aspect. Same with Black mask who’s being played by Ewan McGregor, he’s in it a ton, but no mention of his name or really what he’s even all about. They did at least foreshadow what will be happening to him in the film, but I’m just worried about the causal fan, not understanding who any of these people are.

It looks like a ton of fun, Margot Robbie really was destined to play this role, and there’s even a slight Joker tease in the trailer, so expect Jared Leto to reprise his role as the Clown Prince of Crime. I expect WB to go heavy on the marketing for this one, because it truly appears to be special.


‘Uncut Gems’ Trailer

So we get good Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett? I’m all in.

Never ever sleep on Adam Sandler. This is the reason, because he will make you look stupid. The guy likes making movies for his kids now, but can also turn out something that looks this good. Circling around film festivals already, Uncut Gems is apparently really great and the best Sandler performance in quite some time.

This really is a great trailer. It’s so weird to see Sandler in a role like this, because we have grown so accustomed to his Netflix movies and not taking him to seriously. Coming from the minds of the Safdie brothers, who did Good Time with soon to be Batman Robert Pattinson (check it out) appear to have another gem on their hands. This movie is also loaded with a talent and diverse cast. The whole internet was going crazy with this trailer yesterday. Can’t wait!


‘Just Mercy’ Trailer

This is either going to storm through the awards season, or fall flat on its face.

I can’t decide if this is going to be 2019’s Green Book or not. Big name actors, terrible accents, a period piece, it truly has all the makings of an Oscar contender. If this was made in the 90s, boy it would be considered one of the best movies of all time probably. But like Michael B Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson, how can you not be at least a little bit intrigued. If the trailer didn’t turn you off at least.

I don’t think the trailer is very good, I’m so tired of these kinds of movies being over shadowed by a sappy song in their trailers. Show me some heart. If you have these three talented people in your movie, show them off a little bit. Not saying some classic dialogue from a movie like this. The accents are terrible, that’s one thing that could be unforgivable about Just Mercy, but it’s hard to tell what kind of movie this is going to be because of the messy trailer. My gut says this will be a contender for all sorts of awards come Oscar season. I also know that I will go see anything with Michael B Jordan. His streak of movies without taking his shirt off is officially over.


New ‘Joker’ Trailer

I guess it’s time we start taking this movie very seriously. This is Taxi Driver meets well The Joker

Who knew the guy behind Road Trip and The Hangover trilogy would deliver perhaps one of the best movies of 2019. This looks like an early Martin Scorsese film, and it all just looks so glorious. When you think about a comic book movie, you think big and eventful. One of the main attractions of this film is how authentic and real everything feels. There are no green screens, no special effects, they hit the streets of New York and truly made something beautiful.

Joaquin Phoenix really is going for it all. Between him, Pitt and Leo we might have a serious 3 man race for best performance come Oscar season. Just three individuals at the top of their respected game, giving us some memorable performances. Phoenix transformed not just his mind for this role but his body. It’s eerie how skinny he looks in some of these shots and how healthy he looks in others.

Joker appears to perhaps be a revenge flick, with Joker going after a man he idolized in Murray Franklin (Robert DeNiro). This could have serious Dark Knight Returns vibes where the Joker goes on a talk show only to wreck havoc and cause utter chaos. Time well tell, but one thing is certain, we have a new Clown Prince of Crime on our hands, it he is to die for.

Joker hits theatres in October!


New ‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer

You know what’s better than one lightsaber – two lightsabers.

So this movie is going to be off the chain. Say what you want about the last outing, which was awesome. The finale to one of the greatest stories ever told is about to go down. It’s been a hectic summer, full of forgettable summer blockbusters, but just when you think all hope is lost, Disney drops the final trailer for their ace up their sleeve.

The trailer doesn’t even show much, again it’s just a little voice over work, nothing really about the plot is mentioned and we are only getting small fragments and quick shots from throughout the movie. That’s all they need to do to market this bad boy. That ending alone is worth the price of admission. Now for the next 4 months the world can speculate whether or not Rey will turn to the dark side. Either way it doesn’t really matter because she looks so badass. Between that and the water battle between her and Kylo make this all worth while.

We really don’t need to see anything else until this drops. Carrie Fisher finishing enough work to be apart of this finale is touching and it’s heart warming that was the case. It just wouldn’t have had that emotional weight behind it if she wants apart of it.

The countdown is officially on until another Disney property destroys the box-office.


‘The Irishman’ Trailer

This legendary trio is back together, but could it be to little to late, or can they all muster up some movie magic one last time?

Once at the top of their respect games, three Oscar winners, now starring in a movie together, all under the tutelage of the great Martin Scorsese. The Irishman a biographical crime drama that follows an alleged hitman Frank Sheeran (DeNiro) and the possible slaying of Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). The trailer can’t help but make you feel nostalgic, about all the wonderful times you’ve had watching these actors perform their craft, and when they are at their best, it’s usually in a Scorsese film. Weird thing is, this is going straight to Netflix, no big theatrical release, just on September 27th, it will pop up worldwide on everyone’s Netflix. Strange that a movie with this much star power won’t be getting that sort of treatment, but then again, Netflix is turning into a beast of its own.

As for the trailer, it looks solid. Very Goodfellas kind of vibe going on throughout it, which is never a bad sign. I can’t recall the last time we watched Joe Pesci in anything. That’s one thing this movie has going for it, star power. The list is too long, but whether or not this will add up to be a recipe for success remains uncertain at this point in time. One thing that is clear, we have several of the very best along side one of the best directors, in a mob movie, something they all excel at. The Irishman could end up being this years Roma, a Netflix film that becomes a serious contender come Oscar season. Something tells me this could be juggernaut and will have everyone talking the following week, because if this is as good as it could be, everyone and I mean everyone will be watching The Irishman.