‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood’ Trailer

Tom Hanks has had so many incredible performances in his life, but I think this is the role he was born to play.

After the documentary that broke everyone’s hearts; Won’t You Be My Neighbour? We getting another telling of one of the most beloved and famous children’s television host, Fred Rogers. So pull out your sneakers and cardigans, because I’m sure this will be another touching and emotional journey.

Who better to play one of the most kind and caring souls to ever grace this earth, than another kind and caring soul in Tom Hanks. Looking spot on to even the tiniest little mannerism, Hanks has gone bye-bye and totally immersed himself into the world that Mr. Rogers had built. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be a fantastic movie, just from watching this trailer, you can bet that Tom Hanks will be a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination. His last nomination came all the way back in 2001 with Castaway, and his last win was 24 years ago. That would be so achievement to win Oscars that far apart from one another.

Directed by Marielle Heller who is coming off Can You Ever Forgive Me? Where the star Melissa McCarthy was nominated for an Oscar. So you know that Marielle is capable of getting the most out of her stars.

Overall the trailer looks the part, from every little detail on the set of his show, and I’m sure they will capture the essence and the true character of Fred Rogers. This one could be special.

Hits theatres November 22nd.


New ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Trailer

Bigger budget. Bigger stars. Bigger body count. Pennywise is back.

I can’t remember a franchise that has had this many incredible trailers for their movies. That’s 4 in a row dating back to IT: Chapter 1. This is one beautiful trailer, with some many visuals and imagery that will surely haunt your dreams.

It’s been 27 years and Pennywise is hungry. Bill Skarsgard is elevating his performance, we get a ton of new Pennywise footage in this trailer and he is on the hunt. What a re-imaging he has done with this iconic horror movie villain and turned it not only into something pretty iconic, but the level of acting he’s doing is worth noting.

I’m so happy they really put Isaiah Mustafa and his portrayal of adult Mike on display in this trailer. He’s such an important and vital role in the second half of this creepy story. Mike didn’t really get his due in Chapter 1 and it appears they are making up for that here. All the adult losers are involved in some sort of way, and the casting is just so perfect. Bill Hader looks like he’s going to be phenomenal as adult Richie. It’s so refreshing to see him in something like his after showcasing his terrific acting in his TV show Barry. But at the end of the day the trailer belongs to Pennywise and it looks like not only is the kill count going to sky-rocket but the amount of blood as well.

September 6th can’t get here fast enough!


‘Ford v Ferrari’ Trailer

So this year we are getting Leo and Brad for the first time, and now Damon and Bale. 2019 is going to be an all-timer

It sure is refreshing to see a car movie that doesn’t involve super heroes of sorts. James Mangold coming off the incredible Logan, is now taking his talents to the racing world and bringing an A plus cast with him.

This made the list for one of my most anticipated of the year for multiple reasons. I’m a big fan of James Mangold, Walk the Line and Logan are both just incredible films, he’s a fantastic film-maker. Mix in a world class cast that involves some of the very best. You can’t really ask much more from a film, and when you throw in a pretty neat and well put together trailer, it’s a great recipe for success. I’m just excited to see both Damon and Bale in a project like this. I feel like it’s been a long time since either one of these guys have been in a big “Hollywood” movie.

This has Oscar potential. Maybe not for any acting, but technical categories and maybe even best picture. It’s hard to tell from just one trailer but so far so good.


‘IT Chapter 2’ Trailer

Get in Losers. We’re going to kill Pennywise

It’s here! It’s finally here! Thank Christ. It’s honestly felt like 27 years since we got our last glimpse of these losers and Pennywise. If you have been following my blog at all you know how much I LOVED Chapter 1. I even did my own fan casting for the adult losers. Well here we are. We got our first look at Chapter 2 and oh boy, this looks all sorts of amazing

Between Godzilla and Pennywise not only will Warner Brothers. be battling for box-office supremacy, but for my wallet as well. My 3rd most anticipated movie of this year and I was a kid in a candy store watching this trailer, who was also scared shitless. This looks terrifying.

We know that with the success of the first, this was bound to have bigger stars and a bigger budget and you can tell by simply watching this trailer. We are getting way more Pennywise by the looks of it, as he plans on terrifying the adult losers into submission. Speaking of, all of the adults look the part, they have grown into fine looking people, hell bent on killing this damn clown once and for all. Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy lead the charge against the evil clown and Chastain shined in this trailer.

I can’t say enough good things and actually how gorgeous this movie looks. Bill Skarsgard does such an incredible job at playing Pennywise and I can’t wait to see him up his game from the previous installment.

Plus this movie has the old spice guy in it. So you know everyone on set was smelling fresh to death after shitting themselves due to Skarsgard


First ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Drops

Caution. If you are holding something sharp while this trailer plays, there’s potential you poke your eyes out…

Yup. That’s a real life thing, that’s really going to happen. That’s our first look at the live action Sonic. So many questions. Why does he have human teeth? Why is this movie taking place on Earth? Where the hell is Tails? First of all, who made the outrageous decision to make this a buddy cop movie? In all seriousness. Who said out loud – for a movie that is based on a blue hedgehog that is super fast, and gains powers by collecting and running through rings “maybe this should take place on Earth, and be a buddy cop movie!” That person needs to be fired, like yesterday.

Talk about an all time yikes from me. I was pretty excited for this flick, I loved the games growing up and Sonic and Dr. Robotnik who is being played by the loveable Jim Carrey, have such an interesting relationship, and it’s the fundamental backbone of this franchise. Now we are tossing is the cliche army trope that is going to deal with the problem, but in all reality the guy they hired to deal with the problem, turns out to be the real problem. Give me a break.

It’s pretty simple, Sonic runs, he hangs out with his pals Tails and Knuckles and beats up Robotnik and his crazy inventions every once and awhile. This is why video game adaptations are always so bad, because they don’t understand how to translate the source material onto the big screen. Like if we don’t get Super Sonic in this movie, I will riot. I had a Tails stuffed animal growing up, he’s adorable and needs to be in it. James Marsden who is a fine actor, feels like the studios 12th pick to play this role, and the saving grace for not having this be a complete dumpster fire is the terrific voice work by Ben Schwartz.

We will see about Carrey and his portrayal of Robotnik, and I’m glad they showed us his true iconic look at the end of the trailer, but the whole thing just kind of stunk.

Hate to base everything off a trailer, but this fell flat on its face the moment the race began.

Check out the trailer for yourself.


First Trailer for Will Smiths ‘Gemini Man’

You had me at two Will Smiths

The Fresh Prince is back baby! Well sort of. Everyone is getting de-aged in Hollywood these days and next up is Will Smith. Ang Lee, the Oscar winning director is finally back making movie after 7 whole years departed from Life of Pi. Known for is visual sense and great story telling, him teaming up with someone who can have tremendous box-office success, this seems like it could be a lovely mariage.

So basically this is Looper mixed with Minority Report? Both epic science fiction movies and now we have Ang Lee putting his own personal spin on each story. Sounds terrific to me. I will forever be invested in a movie that deals with time travel or a younger version of someone trying to kill their older selves or vice versa. You can’t go wrong with that combination, it’s almost undefeated at this point in time. Now we have a leading man in Will Smith, who hasn’t really had a hit in a long ass time. With Aladdin due out this summer and I’m not sure how critics and fans are going to receive that movie, he could have another flop on his hands.

But what got me going the most? The return of Clive Owen! I love that guy, his career isn’t out I imagined it would have turned out, but I’m so glad to see him back in something I’m going to watch in theatres. The always talented Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong, the cast is impressive to say the least. I just can’t imagine Ang Lee essentially taking 7 years off from making a movie only to come back and lay an egg, it’s just not going to happen. Gemini Man looks promising as hell.


‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Debut Trailer

It’s all finally coming to and end – enter sad face emoji

Dope ass title

So the internet is about to brake. The first trailer for the highly anticipated final chapter to the Star Wars saga just dropped, and whoa boy.

Coming hot off the heels of the much debated The Last Jedi, the Star Wars fandom was divided to say the least. From things like Rian Johnson ruined childhoods and it’s the worst Star Wars movie ever made. People weren’t to happy with it. I for one thought it was the best installent in the franchise and really dig this new trilogy. Rey an Kylo Ren are just two terrific new characters and Kylo Ren is one of my favourite movie villains of all time. So the world was in pins and needles waiting for this trailer reveal and here we are. I think it’s great! LANDO is back baby! JJ Abrams is back directing and it will be so interesting to see where he takes this thing. Does he continue the story that Rian Johnson developed in Last Jedi, or as fans want. Some of that stuff tossed aside. So the continuity should be something to keep your eye on.

Going back to kind of where it all started? The team is heading to the destroyed remains of the Death Star. Remember what Kylo said, let the past die, but here we are heading all the way back to the beginning. Having Carrie Fisher on screen is just pulling all the heart strings. Curious to see how all that plays out with Leia. Luke Skywalker saying that “no one is really ever gone” makes me believe we might have not seen the last of Luke.

Can’t believe it’s all finally wrapping up, but this appears to be another special installent and I can’t wait to see it all play out.


‘JOKER’ Trailer Drops!

And here we go…..

Funny world we live in. Finally after what feels like an insane amount of time waiting for something, anything really for the much anticipated Todd Phillips Joker movie, we have a trailer. I’ve fully been in the camp of, how can there be a Joker movie without Batman? How on Earth can that possibly work? How can you have one without the other, it just doesn’t make any sense. So I was so curious to see some sort of footage.

I already know, we will have the DC fan boys raving that, well since this is Joaquin Phoenix that this is already better than Nicholson and Leto. Some might even say it’s better than Ledger, I’m serious there will be people that think this will be the second coming of Jesus. I’m sure this can be a great film, but I don’t think a Joker movie without Batman can surpass any Joker performance that has had that, that’s just my opinion. The biggest concern I have going into Joker is the director. Phillips really isn’t known for any sort of visual style really, he’s made a few great comedies but that’s it. So it will be interesting to say the least

So, what are my thoughts on the trailer. I get a Taxi Driver meets The King of Comedy vibe. Interesting, that was interesting to say the least. It’s more of a character study then trailer. This looks dark, twisted and pretty creepy. Phoenix is going full tilt here, he’s all in and it he looks great. Again it’s weird he won’t be battling The Dark Knight, but this is a good first trailer. With Aquaman and the upcoming Shazam, DC seems to be going back in the darker direction, which is fine with me. As long as it’s handled right, that’s how I would want a Joker film. Hope this turns out great. If you’re going to follow up Heath, you need to find your own spin on this character. Phoenix has done just that. An interesting psychological, gritty thriller. Who knew we needed this.


‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Trailer

Quentin Tarantino is back and he’s bringing Leo, Brad and Margot Robbie with him. The new holy trinity!

What a great week for movie trailers! High on my most anticipated list, how can it not be? Starring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, no pun intended and made by one of the greatest living film-makers this world has to offer. How can you not be excited for this. We haven’t gotten a Leo performance since 2015.

A small sample size of what’s to come, and I don’t think people are ready for what this movie is truly going to be. The Manson murders will be involved and yes it seems that Leo and Brad are just cracking jokes the whole time, that won’t be the case. Remember who’s behind the camera. Mr. Tarantino, he loves blood and violence, I expect this movie to turn bat-shit crazy at some point. I’ve been waiting my whole adult life for Leo and Brad to finally team up and star in movie together. This will be such an incredible ride and a joyous experience. Can’t wait for this.


‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer

Just when you thought it was finally over. Pixar reels you back in, with a spork.

When I sat down in the theatre all those years ago to watch the very first Toy Story, who knew that over 20 years later, we would be sitting here talking about the 4th and final installment. You can’t deny that Pixar doesn’t know what they are doing. Do we honestly need a 4th Toy Story? Probably not. But somehow they have made this captivating and I’m once again invested in our beloved toys. How can you not be, once we hear those voices of Hanks and Allen, you almost can’t help but get a tad emotional.

This feels like Toy Story 2 and 3 all wrapped into one. We are going on a road trip, and finding out what it truly means to be a toy. Meeting up with some old friends, while making new ones. I’m sure the last ride with these friends will be bittersweet.

It’s pretty darn cute this Forky aspect of the film. It’s something that feels new and fresh and so far from what we have seen from previous iterations. Which makes this more interesting, because it’s a nice new spin on a franchise that could very well feel old and worn out.