‘The Way Back’ Review

Ben Affleck shines in this powerful drama that almost hits too close to home. It feels like his most personal performance to date and the first time in a long time that he’s done something he’s truly passionate about. The Way Back is an emotional journey that to this day is Afflecks greatest performance.

the-way-back-2020-ben-affleck-warner-bros.-picturesJack Cunningham was a HS basketball phenom who walked away from the game, forfeiting his future. Years later, when he reluctantly accepts a coaching job at his alma mater, he may get one last shot at redemption.


“It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life, cause that’s going to happen. All that matters is you gotta get back up.” Truer words have never been spoken by one person explaining themselves. Ben Affleck has had one hell of a career in Hollywood since he came into our lives in the ’90s. His storied journey is one for the record books, with all sorts of incredible highs, winning Best Picture for Argo and winning Best Screenplay

This brings us to now, and his newest project, The Way Back. Which follows an ex-basketball star turned alcoholic, turned basketball coach. It’s a touching manner for Ben, seeing how he himself has battled addiction of all sorts and has been in the public eye for alcohol abuse. It has changed his life forever and shaped part of his saga in Hollywood. This movie is a comeback story, a story that we have seen time and time again play out with Affleck, and that is why this just feels like the most important thing he has ever been apart of.

Sports movies can usually be described with one word, “cliche.” So whenever a new teen sports movie comes around its tough not to go in thinking you know the exact recipe that’s about to be cooked up. The Way Back delivers some of the normal tropes, the montage, the coming together as a team, the best player realizing that he is, in fact, the best player on the team. What separates this from every other sports movie that I can remember watching, is how this detours in the 3rd act. Everything in life doesn’t always have a happy ending, and sometimes these are the stories that need to be told. The Way Back unlike most sports movies doesn’t have the classic “Hollywood” ending, which is almost the best part of the film. This is a movie that deals with real-life problems, real-life issues, that when they come to the surface, they will have serious consequences. So when alcoholism and trying to mentor young boys, these can become messy. Gavin O’Connor who is no stranger to sports movies, he’s responsible for Miracle and Warrior, isn’t afraid to hit home on serious issues that pack an emotional punch.

Ben Affleck had pretty big shoulders when he was suiting up and fighting crime as Batman. Here, however, it feels like he has the weight of the entire world on his broad bulky shoulders. He was big and buff as Batman, but in The Way Back he’s big and messy and covered in beer sweats. Affleck will break you down, he chips away at you slowly, until he himself breaks. His performance is best described by his character Jack Cunningham, a once-renowned high-school superstar turned boozehound. He always tells his team to chip away little by little whenever they find themselves in a hole. You find yourself wondering how he turned into the man we see before us, and what drove him to the point of drinking a case of beer every day. The more you chip away at his past the more you realize what can break a man. Affleck himself has battled many demons and at certain moments in the film, it’s almost like he’s not even acting anymore. It’s so raw and emotional you can’t help but get choked up yourself. Affleck dishes out a triple-double performance and this is without question the best of his career. 

As for the basketball aspect of the film. I’d say it’s the most realistic stuff we’ve ever seen. With how it’s shot, the language spoken and how modern it all feels. The kids are fantastic and have terrific chemistry. The team has all the classic characters, the loudmouth, the hype man, the outcast and so on. I wish they spent a little more time with the team and building up their stories. Then again this isn’t really a basketball movie at its core. It’s a character study showing how someone broken can little by little get back to being themselves and the insane hardships that come along the way.

It’s hard not to root for Affleck and you want him to find his way back. Seeing him do the press tour and all sorts of interviews and seeing how happy and healthy he looks just brings a smile to my face. Even better is the fact that this movie is not just good but great and critics even think so too.

Bring your tissues folks.

The Way Back = 84/100


‘The Way Back’ Trailer

Ben Affleck + Basketball = recipe for success

Well, that a gut punch early on in the morning. Art imitating life. Ben Affleck is losing the cape and cowl for good and substituting it for a clip board. We all know about his own personal struggles with alcohol abuse and that’s why this movie has a real shot of being nothing short of spectacular, at least his performance.

Who would be Ben Affleck’s basketball comparison? What a question, because in The Way Back he was once a high school star and I haven’t stopped thinking about that. Ben re-teams with Gavin O’Connor director of Warrior and The Accountant, and you already know this will pack a serious emotional punch. Ben Affleck in a sports movie, love to see it. A mix between Coach Carter and Half Nelson perhaps, this overall just looks really good. The world hasn’t had a great quote on quote sports movie in a long time and hopefully this can break that streak.

You know this role probably means a lot to Affleck and him playing it close to his own chest, and I’m excited to see what he does with this material. It doesn’t look like just another cliche sports movie, because of the serious weight the trailer carries. It’s great to see Ben branching out and trying new things and more importantly being in a movie. He didn’t have a theatrical release in all of 2019.

It’s always great to have this man back in our lives, such a talent.


Minnesota Timberwolves Team Preview


Last Seasons Record – 47-35

This Seasons Record – 44-38


I think the warm-up song for this Wolves team this season should be “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige. One because it’s a great song and secondly we haven’t even begun the season yet and everyone is already tired of this team and their bullshit. Jimmy Butler, I love ya, but man, be a little more professional and suck it up. Thibs, be a better coach and get your team under control. Wiggins and Towns, time to grow up, put your big boy pants on and take this team to the next level.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

Not much changed for the Wolves this offseason. Whether that is a good or a bad thing remains unclear. What is clear however is the fact that Jimmy “Buckets” Butler is the biggest alpha dog/ beta dog I’ve ever seen. Jimmy has been hanging around with Mark Wahlberg a lot, and I don’t know if that has anything to do with how he is acting, but boy he needs a kick in the pants. So they lost Jamal Crawford, the ageless wonder. But other than a few draft picks, Keita Bates-Diop and Josh Okogie not much was done to improve this roster. Don’t get me wrong when their big three played together last year, they were something else, but now they all hate one another.

Year Long Question – Can Wiggins finally show us something? 

First things first. I’m Canadian so I probably like Andrew Wiggins more than the average NBA fan. It hurts that he hasn’t reached his full potential, well at least the potential I set him up for. He was the number one overall pick, and people really thought he had all the tools to become a star. He hasn’t really figured it all out yet, but there is still plenty of time. I thought no matter what, he would be a lockdown defender, reminiscent of Tony Allen, but he hasn’t even developed into a great defensive player. I’m not saying he is a poor defender but I think he could be better, and I think it comes from lack of effort. Apparently, he doesn’t value winning or think it’s a big deal. Maybe he wants the money and is fine coasting through seasons, but Jimmy has lit a fire under his ass, and if this doesn’t motivate him to become the player we all think he can be, well maybe it’s time to move on from the Wiggins experiment.

Fan Mindset

That’s right, I went with Fight Club. Maybe that’s what needs to happen in this situation. Either Wiggins or Towns needs to tell Butler ” I want you to hit me as hard as you can.” They need to take their anger out on one another before the season begins because if not things might go south real quick. See what happens when you punch your best friend? You grab a few beers and forget about all your problems. Violence doesn’t solve problems, but sometimes it does. I’m clearly joking here, but even the fans might be getting on each others cases this year. Do they trade Jimmy? Do they trade someone else? I think there will be a ton of different opinions going around, and it will be hard to decide which route to take. Just don’t go burning each other’s hands…

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – This is all going to blow over.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I honestly think this whole Jimmy thing is going to blow over real quick once the season starts. These guys are grown ass men, and they are all healthy. Once they start playing games and they start winning, well we all know that winning solves everything. If they get off to a slow start maybe it’s a different story. But maybe this is exactly what this team needed. Thibs has one foot out the door already, this hasn’t worked in Minnesota. So he needs them to get along and play some good basketball. Don’t be shocked if Butler and Thibs are both gone at some point during this season.


Memphis Grizzlies Team Preview

Time to blow it up.

Last Seasons Record – 22-60

This Seasons Record – 25-57


The once so dominant “grit & grind” is kind of dead. A thing of the past really. Those were so great days in Memphis. Remember when they were up 2-1 on the Warriors? Grizzlies fans definitely do, but you have to let the past die. Those three guys above might play a total of 82 games COMBINED, this upcoming season. It’s sad when certain eras come to an end, but all things do. I’m not really sure where this team goes from here, it feels a little old-fashioned. I think if the three guys pictured above actually stay healthy, it might be time to unload them and get some young assets and draft picks back in return. I have no idea where this Memphis team falls, other than the bottom of the league. Sorry.

Key Additions and Subtractions

I guess the heart of this team is still intact. Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are the lifeblood of this franchise and have been for a very long time. They lost a few of their limbs with the departures of Tyreke Evans and Ben McLemore. Evans played so well for this team last season, I was surprised he didn’t win the 6th Man of The Year award. They bring in Kyle Anderson and drafted Jaren Jackson Jr. who is going to be an absolute stud. The franchise could be in this mans hands in the very near future. They also drafted Yuta Watanabe so we will see what he can add to this rotation. Dillion Brooks remains a key building block, but it will be another long year for the Grizz.

Year Long Question – What do they do with Conley and Gasol?

The NBA is always changing. The landscape and the way we play is always evolving. Gasol and Conley are incredible pros and great players. But if the Grizz want to change the nature and the culture of their franchise, I don’t believe these two guys can be the building blocks of the team. That’s nothing against these two men, who have had terrific careers, but the future isn’t with these two. They still have a ton of trade value, especially if they are healthy. So the Grizzlies need to decide what kind of team they want to be, and who they want to be a part of that future.

Fan Mindset

Like I said, the days of that grit and grind are over. Go home. It’s time to move on and embrace change within the Grizzlies organization. I’m not even sure what true die-hard fans of this team want going into this year. There are two gems awaiting two NBA teams next draft, and if the Grizz don’t want to be in rebuild for years on end, maybe this is the year they sell off their pieces and really make a push for it.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – The Grizz finish with the worst record in the West

I’m sorry. This whole thing has been me telling you that the Grizz will not be good this year and that you should abandon all hope for any chance of a playoff birth. Well, now I’m telling you that it’s probably going to be worse than you expect. There’s not much to say. I just can’t see this team staying healthy all year like they have Chandler Parsons, and once things go off the rails, they will want to go all in on the tank job.


Miami Heat Team Preview

Same team, same result

Last Seasons Record – 44-38

This Seasons Record – 44-38


Take a good look at that photo Heat fans. This is Dwyane Wade’s final year, his farewell tour is upon us, and it could be quite the emotional journey. I can’t believe that this is his final year in the league, it makes me feel old. Honestly, it feels like just yesterday I was watching him go to the final four with Marquette. Will this get in the way of the season, or does this give the other players something to play for? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, us NBA fans will miss you, Mr. Wade.

 Key Additions and Subtractions 

So the Heat did absolutely nothing this offseason? They are bringing the same band back, and that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. They still have the same core of Goran Dragic, Bam Adebayo, Hassan Whiteside, Dion Waiters, and Justise Winslow. Mix that in with Dwyane Wade and Kelly Olynyk, this team was pretty solid last season. They are well coached, and if they band together and want to make Wade’s last year a memorable one, I don’t see why this team can’t make the playoffs.

Year Long Question – Does Justise Winslow make the leap? 

When the Heat drafted Winslow with the 10th overall pick, they really thought they got the steal of the draft. He had a fantastic rookie campaign but hasn’t really improved on that season since. In order for this team to get better and improve on their record from last year, it will fall on the shoulders of this young man. He needs to improve his job shot and become an overall better offensive player. He’s great on the defensive end, but that’s just not enough for this team. If he isn’t playing up to par halfway through the season, I can see them unloading him to another team. It’s time to crap or get off the pot, and Miami doesn’t really want to be a middle-tier team forever. So the pressure is on Justise.

Fan Mindset

We used to call him The Flash, now he isn’t so speedy. All jokes aside, can’t you see Wade saying this all year long? Not even in terms of playing basketball, but Wade is old, he’s married, and I think he wants to start the next phase of his life. Whatever that may be, probably a TV guy, but not only is Wade going to be saying this, but fans as well. Some fans might be getting too old for this shit. Wade’s body is the reason why he is hanging it up for good, he played hard, and he played fast and there’s no denying that he is an all-time great, and a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. But I’m very curious to know if Wade is going to go all in for this season and give it everything he’s got. Or he’s just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the farewell tour. I think he wants to go out with a bang, and I believe he’s going to give it his all, and he wants this team to make a deep playoff run if that’s possible. Hope to see some vintage Wade this upcoming year.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate –  The Heat make the ECF

Call me crazy or call me bold. But this segment is called bold prediction for a reason. When you have something or someone to play for, crazy, insane things can happen. So if this team clicks and comes together, anything can happen. LeBron is out of the East, and I think every team now thinks they can win the Eastern Conference. So if the Heat stay healthy, they will have the highest of confidence going into the playoffs. Let’s give Wade a great last season.


Los Angeles Lakers Team Preview

The King has returned

Last Seasons Record – 35-47

This Seasons Record – 47-35


Damn, I will be the first to admit that LeBron looks good in that Lakers uniform. Between that and beefcake Lonzo Ball, the future is bright in La La Land. Here’s the thing, when your team gets the best player on Earth, and you’re the premier team in the entire league, things are only going to get better. LeBron James is coming to LA and he is going to shape and mold these fine young players, into hopefully incredible pros. This is more about developing these young kids then it is about winning. Being on the East coast is going to be brutal this year because every Lakers game will be must-watch television.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

Did I mention that LeBron James now plays for the Lakers? Maybe just a few times. That wasn’t the only player to join in on the fun. Rajon Rondon, Michael Beasley, JaVale McGee, and Lance Stephenson have all joined LeBron in this circus. That is quite the crew of characters if you ask me. Some of the biggest outcasts of the entire league, but if I’m being honest, some of these guys can flat out ball. This is going to be a really fun ride with this team, I can’t wait to see LeBron play with all these guys. They lost Julius Randle and Brook Lopez, but when you gain a LeBron James, it doesn’t really matter what you lose. They still have such a great young core, and a terrific coach, I’m just really pumped to watch this team.

Year Long Question – Will the bad outweigh the good?

There are two sides to this Lakers roster. You have the young core of Hart, Kuzma, Ball, and Ingram. Meanwhile, you have the savvy veterans in Rondo, Lance, McGee, and Beasley. Luke Walton is going to have to mix and match these players and find the right rotation, but will those veterans bring the teams potential down? I don’t think in the end they will, but this is going to be a tough coaching assignment for coach Luke Walton. LeBron will be the floor general and I think Lonzo Ball is going to be the perfect teammate for him. He’s a ball dominant point guard that doesn’t always need the ball in his hands. He’s such a quick decision maker that I feel like he and LeBron are going to have fantastic chemistry.

Fan Mindset.

So pretty much that is Magic Johnson presenting LeBron James to all of LA. Everyone is going crazy, they finally have a rightful heir to Kobe Bryant. I wish I was good at photoshopping videos because I would have put their heads on the right characters. LeBron is here to stay, maybe win a championship, but this whole LA thing is a lifestyle choice and a family decision for LeBron. His sons are getting older and if they don’t end up going to Ohio St. I can see them going to UCLA or USC. They will stay in California and LeBron is transitioning to the next phase of his career. Mentorer and still the best player in the world. Laker fans have had it pretty sweet for the last, say I dunno, 40 years. Yeah, they had some ups and downs, but plenty of titles and stars to come along, but LeBron joining the organization could be the cherry on top of the sundae.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – LeBron wins MVP/ Lonzo Wins 6th Man

A lot of awards could be floating the Lakers way come next June. If the Lakers exceed expectations, and maybe finish as a top 3 seed in the West, and stories are coming out all year about great of a mentor and a teammate LeBron is. He is playing top level basketball still, I don’t see why this isn’t the year he wins another. It’s been a while since he has won an MVP which sounds crazy, seeing how he is the best player in the NBA, but I would really love if he won this award. Now apparently Lonzo will be coming off the bench for the Lakers, this bodes well for the Lakers. Rondo is great and all, but if Lonzo is coming into the game and playing against the 2nd units, he could really feast. Don’t sleep on Lonzo, he’s bulked up and he is going to be a great player. That is what I’m most looking forward to when it comes to the Lakers, seeing LeBron and Lonzo play together. All things take time, but I have a feeling these two will mesh really well and could lead the Lakers far into the playoffs.


Los Angeles Clippers Team Preview

Last Seasons Record – 42-40

This Seasons Record – 37-45


Boy oh boy. I have no idea what to think when it comes to the Clippers for this upcoming season. Lob City is officially dead, and we are seriously so far from gone when it comes to the Clippers of old. Where is this team going? What is this teams future? I can’t really answer these questions, but I’m going to try. I was never fully on board with Lob City, in fact, I thought it was a tad overrated. They have some pieces on this roster don’t get me wrong. But in a stacked Western Conference I’m just not sure where this team fits in. Near the bottom, or right smack dab in the middle.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

This is a brand new Clippers team. No longer that Father/Son duo. Yes, Austin Rivers is out of LA, and he has a new home in Washington. Now Doc can hopefully get back to just coaching and not having to worry about his kid. I know they are both professionals, but still, this could be a good thing for the organization. In return, they got Marcin Gortat, the polish hammer. The Clippers were busy in the offseason, and they wanted to land Kawhi Leonard, but that ultimately did not happen. They lost DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks after a few years of that whole debacle in the summer not so long ago. They replace him with Luc Mbah a Moute, a key piece from the Rockets, who should help the Clippers defensively.

Year Long Question – Do the Clippers tank?

Listen, I know the Clippers have a ton of players and will be competitive all year long. But with no clear-cut future, what are they playing for this year? I think with some big-time college players entering the NBA draft in 2019, maybe it’s time for the Clippers to tank and snag themselves a future star. I know fans probably don’t want to hear this, and maybe the organization doesn’t want to admit it, but the Clippers aren’t really known as a free agent destination. I know it’s LA, but there happens to be another team in LA, with a certain King on their roster right now. So by tanking they can guarantee themselves a potential top 3-5 pick. Trading some of these pieces and clearing some cap space is probably the best move to make from the front office.

Fan Mindset. 

Like I mentioned there are two teams in the city of LA. One team is one of the most prestigious sports organizations in the world, the other is well, the Clippers. Fans and even players will have to look over all year at those Lakers, and well they will be having so much fun all year long. Media will be covering the Lakers so hardcore this year, people might actually forget the Clippers also play in the same building. Don’t get to discourage though, because you’re still living in LA, and could win a bunch of games this season. It just sucks that LeBron is playing in the same city, and all eyes will be on the Lakers from start to finish. So yeah, this scene sums up the Clippers mindset for the upcoming NBA season.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – Doc Rivers gets fired

So the Rivers son has left the building, and I believe his father could be close behind. I have no idea how this season is going to pan out, and if fans are restless and Steve Ballmer wants a change, I think he will go ahead and fired Doc. He’s had plenty of time to make a run at it, and the Clippers could be in serious need of a culture change. The Raptors just finished as the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and they fired their head coach. A change of culture or a reset button is sometimes the answer. If the Clippers have just a horrendous season, Doc could be unemployed by 2019.


Indiana Pacers Team Preview

Last Seasons Record – 48-34

This Seasons Record – 51-31


This team is going to be flat out fun this season. Victor Oladipo is coming off the best season of his career and looks to continue with that this year. They turned so many heads, and they gave the Cavaliers and LeBron James the most trouble out of any other East team in the playoffs. Well coached, young, and looking to grow on last years experience, this Indiana team is the dark horse to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

Another busy team in the offseason, the Pacers added a few new key pieces in their build to conquer the Eastern Conference. They lost Lance Stephenson, the pride and joy of any organization, and yes he will be missed. Lance really found his way with the Pacers and that was apparent. He just wasn’t the same player with any other organization, so I’m not sure how he will fair with the Lakers. But they made up for that loss with Doug McDermott, Tyreke Evans, and Kyle O’Quinn. Three solid role players and Tyreke Evans is coming off his best season since his rookie year. These three should provide some much-needed depth to this already talented roster, and take some of the burden off Oldapido. I’m looking forward to watching him and Evans work together because I believe they could make for a deadly duo.

Year Long Question – Can Myles Turner can that leap?

We all know the Pacers struck gold when they drafted Turner 11th overall, and he’s been a really great player for them. But it’s time for him to make the leap to the next level. Concussions and injuries have set him back just a little bit, but in order for this team to truly be great, they will need big things from Myles Turner this season. One thing I would like to see from him is upping his rebound numbers. He has yet cracked double-digit rebounds per/game in his career, and that is something he needs to work on. In order for him to take his game even further, he will need to be a monster on the glass. I would like to see Turner average around 16-18 points and 10 rebounds per game this year. If he can do that, I think this Pacers team could be a force to be reckoned with.

Fan Mindset

You always forget that NBA players can be just like us. Turns out, Victor Oladipo watches like four movies. Home Alone 1 & 2, Shrek and Mulan. One of those movies every night. I like him even more now. So I had to pick a scene from one of my favorite movies, Shrek. I’m not saying Pacer fans are Shrek or Donkey, but it’s more like the great friendship that has blossomed between them. The Pacers fans and Victor Oladipo, they were unsure of one another when things began, but it quickly turned into a special bond. Much like Shrek and Donkey, they are about to head out on a whirlwind adventure together.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – The Pacers finish 1st in the East

Now hear me out. I know the East has three potentially really great teams. Boston, Toronto, and Philly all look like solid clubs. But injuries and chemistry could prove a problem for all three of those teams, and the Pacers could sneak into the 1 spot. That would mean they have to win around 60 games, which could happen if everyone stays healthy and certain players take the next step in their careers. It’s a long ways away, but don’t sleep on this roster, and Nate McMillian is an above average head coach. All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the Pacers fell into the number 1 seed come playoff time.


Golden State Warriors Team Preview

You know what’s so funny? I have just as many Finals MVPs as Steph Curry.

Last Seasons Record – 58-24 (2nd)

This Seasons Record – 62-20


Love em or hate em, but I’m glad that we made em. Look at that photo. That’s the best starting 5 in the history of the league when fully healthy. By the best, I mean it has the most talent this league has ever seen. That is the greatest shooter of all-time, the best hype man since Dennis Rodman, arguably one of the best two-way players this league has ever seen, and a top 10 shooter of all time. The most dominant big man since Shaq and a snake. All jokes aside, Kevin Durant is the second best basketball player on planet Earth. I failed to mention they have one of the leagues greatest coaches and a terrific bench, boy they really make it easy to hate this team don’t they.

Key Additions and Subtractions

BOOOOOOGIE!!!! Does this mean I have to hate DeMarcus Cousins, my favourite player in the NBA? So the Warriors got rid of Zaza Pachulia, but no worries because they got a nice little upgrade. They also added Jonas Jerebko, who is actually a solid rotation player if I’m being honest. But clearly the big story was the Warriors who have won back-to-back titles and 3 in the last 4 years got DeMarcus Cousins. Who is coming off a really bad achillies injury, and probably won’t play again until February? Post-All-Star break perhaps? Look it’s going to take a while for him to get accustomed to how they play and everything, but the team that just won the title is adding one of the best players in the league, it’s just getting unfair at this point.

Year Long Question – Is this the last ride for “these” Warriors?

Look, all good things must come to an end. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Klay, KD, and Steph are all coming to a close on their current contracts. Klay could be heading to La La land. KD could be off to NYC, Steph could go home to Charlotte. No one knows what the future holds for this team, I don’t even think the players themselves know what’s in store. Klay Thompson maybe wants to be his own man, or run alongside LeBron James. His Dad won titles with the Lakers, there is history with that franchise in his family. KD got his two rings, now maybe he wants to go rule New York. I’m curious to see where this thing ends up, but one thing is for sure. Draymond will be left all along crying in a parking lot somewhere.

Fan Mindset. 

The sea is parting, clouds are dispersing, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. Good old Dragon Ball Z, remember Cell? The perfect fighter. His last form was “Perfect” and I feel like this encompasses exactly what the Warriors did by adding Boogie Cousins. Cell at his second stage was good enough to already beat anyone and now they are adding a perennial all-star. Everyone is in big big trouble now. Now, who is going to be the little shit teenager that comes along and teaches this guy and lesson? Will it be the young guns over in Boston? Maybe the Dinos to the North? One thing is for sure, Cell became perfect and got cocky, and well, looked what happened to him…….

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – The Warriors don’t win the title

What could I possibly be bold about with this team? Like Steph Curry grows another arm out his ass or something? Seriously, it’s not even fair anymore. This team is a cheat mode, and unlike last year when everyone on their roster had won a title (that mattered), they didn’t have that killer drive or motivation. Now with Boogie on board, you know how much these dudes are going to want to get him that ring? They will be playing for Boogie, and Boogie will be healthy and fully rested and he’s going to be hungry. I fear this team, everyone should fear this team. Bad things are coming to the league, and I don’t know if anyone can stop them. I hope so because we don’t need them in 5 straight finals. I’m hoping for someone to knock them off their throne because that will truly be a spectacle to behold.


Detroit Pistons Team Preview

My thoughts exactly Andre Drummond.

Last Seasons Record – 39-43 (9th)

This Seasons Record – 42-40


I have absolutely no idea how this season is going to play out for the Detroit Pistons. Like zero, they could make the playoffs, or they could win 25 games. What’s their identity? Who do they wanna be? How do they wanna play? All of these things will hopefully be answered sooner rather than later because if not, I feel so bad for my dear friend Dwayne Casey. Are we sure Blake Griffin is good? Well, we will find out this season, if Blake can return to form and if he wants to even be in Detroit.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

Sheesh! What an ugly roster. Seriously I don’t think the Pistons made any significant moves this offseason. Wait, I lied. They added Zaza Pachulia! Just what a bunch of misfits, we all know they acquired Blake Griffin and shipped of Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic. This was halfway through the season, so Pistons fans haven’t even gotten the full Blake Griffin experience yet. Whether that’s a good thing or not still remains undecided. The NBA is going small, fast and if you can’t shoot it, take a hike. Well, it seems the Pistons are doing the exact opposite. Their identity is “big,” with Andre Drummond and Griffin being the focal points. Drummond says that he has added an outside shot to his repertoire, but I simply need to see this in games to believe it.

Year Long Question – Will Blake Griffin be a Monstar? 

So here’s the thing. I honestly think Blake Griffin wants to quit basketball and become a comedian, I’m not joking. Blake was born for Hollywood, and now he lives in Detroit. He is the reverse 8 Mile. So now that Space Jam 2 is a go, we need to decide who is going to be our new Monstars. Blake is chomping at the bit for this role. This season for the Pistons isn’t going to be exciting (sorry) so if they have a Monstar, they could really use this to their advantage. As a fan of the NBA, we all want the Detroit Pistons to return to form, but this just isn’t the roster for the job.

Fan Mindset

Like I said in the opening. Who are they? I feel like they are a bunch of big dudes, pretending to be small dudes disguised as big dudes. The makeup of this roster is just a disguise and Dwayne Casey needs to figure out how it works. I’m not even sure fans of this team know what to expect. They wanna play big, but the league is going small. They don’t really have any standout long-range shooters, yet the league relies more on the 3 point shot than ever. The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning to this just being a disastrous season for the Pistons. Blake Griffin will just not fit with this organization.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – Blake gets “injured” and wants out.

I’m telling you this right now. Detroit fans, you can hate me all you want. Blake Griffin does not want to play for your team and he certainly does not want to live in your city. Nothing against Motor City, but it’s just not Blake’s style. He is so used to being an LA boy, and that lifestyle is something that latched itself onto him like a symbiote. Now if things get off to a rocky start, and Blake is unhappy, I can see him going down with an “injury” and asks for a trade. Maybe I’m wrong about this Blake situation, but I don’t see this marriage lasting very long. Yes, he is owed so much money, but it’s time to piss or get off the pot if your the Detriot Pistons.