‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer

Just when you thought it was finally over. Pixar reels you back in, with a spork.

When I sat down in the theatre all those years ago to watch the very first Toy Story, who knew that over 20 years later, we would be sitting here talking about the 4th and final installment. You can’t deny that Pixar doesn’t know what they are doing. Do we honestly need a 4th Toy Story? Probably not. But somehow they have made this captivating and I’m once again invested in our beloved toys. How can you not be, once we hear those voices of Hanks and Allen, you almost can’t help but get a tad emotional.

This feels like Toy Story 2 and 3 all wrapped into one. We are going on a road trip, and finding out what it truly means to be a toy. Meeting up with some old friends, while making new ones. I’m sure the last ride with these friends will be bittersweet.

It’s pretty darn cute this Forky aspect of the film. It’s something that feels new and fresh and so far from what we have seen from previous iterations. Which makes this more interesting, because it’s a nice new spin on a franchise that could very well feel old and worn out.


New ‘Avengers Endgame’ Trailer!

Most of the same, but that still means it’s glorious.

Remain calm everyone, the epic finale 10 years in the making is almost upon us. But first we get one last trailer. What a nice surprise to wake up too on this Thursday morning. There wasn’t any word on this coming out today, but it’s almost time, so they need to put one last tease out before the biggest showdown ever.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to edit one of these trailers, because well we all know that most of our fallen heroes will return but they don’t want to spoil that. We do however see that Tony Stark makes it back to Earth and is reunited with those left standing. That was probably the biggest “spoiler” from this trailer, but if you didn’t see that coming, well Quicksilver would just be disappointed in you. Very little footage was given to the team behind the trailer, that’s why it feels almost the same as the first one to drop, but you should be okay with that. I didn’t expect them to reveal anything, even something as small as Tony Stark back on Earth.

Can’t wait.


‘Aladdin’ Trailer – YIKES

Okay, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s close, like super duper close.

This was like a car wreck that you couldn’t look away from. My god, holy shit, aye caramba. It feels like a million years ago that I actually thought this movie wouldn’t be a total dumpster fire. This is the New York Knicks of movies. I hate everything that I just witnessed in this trailer.

There is so much wrong with this adaptation, I don’t really know where to start. A British girl to play a Persian Princess perhaps? The fact they have turned Jafar into the softest villain of all time perhaps. Man, I don’t want to over do it, but part of my childhood lost its soul while watching this heap of garbage. Yes, I’ll be there opening weekend, yes it will make a boat load of money. But it seems they don’t even try. This is Hitch, but now Will Smith is a Genie. What a terrible miscast. I am in awe of just how terrible everything looks. Do not let them suck you in with catchy songs. That magic will not work on me.

Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe this turns out great. But everything we have seen so far has just been awful. They just released a new poster and IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE THE BLUE GENIE ON IT. This is going to be the worst movie of the year. Like if you’re going to do Aladdin, cast the right people for the roles. Why are we white washing the female lead. Just make Hitch 2 Will.


‘Book Smart’ Trailer

I’ll sum it up for you. It’s Superbad but with two hilarious girls. Olivia Wilde about to knock it out of the park with her directorial debut.

Being a book worm in high school, can’t say that was me. Honestly I think that would have been a better title for this film, but what do I know? This was one of the two comedy trailers to drop today, and this really took me by surprise. Hot of the heels of Eighth Grade and Lady Bird, we are going hard R here for what appears do be a great time.

I’m getting a big time Superbad vibe here and ironically enough, Beanie Feldstein is Jonah Hill’s younger sister. Who was in Neighbours 2 and Lady Bird and terrific in both. The other star Kaitlyn Dever is also terrific in anything she is in. This will have a ton of laughs and I’m sure full of messages for young girls and plenty of heart to go around. I actually think Beanie Feldstein is one of the funniest Young actresses working today, and she is going to kill it here.

The premise is nothing new, but quote on quote “losers” going to their first party is always a great movie trope to grasp onto. The rest of the cast is rounded out nicely, and I hope Skyler Gisondo who you might recognize from Santa Clarita Diet plays a big role, because he’s funny as hell.

Word is spreading that Olivia Wilde crushes her directorial debut and I couldn’t be happier. Playing at SXSW right now, it’s the talk of the internet today. Potential to be 2019’s funniest comedy.


‘Shazam’ Trailer Sparkles

Shazam is going to be so much fun. Zachary Levi is so perfectly casted. Further proof that Eminem makes everything better

Been waiting a long time for the second trailer to DC’s new upcoming superhero flick. When are only a month away from the release of Shazam, the 15 year old kid turned into an all-mighty budget Superman. I mean that in the nicest way possible. In fact the highlight of the trailer was Billy trying to leap a tall building in a single bound, only to crash into it, and apologize to everyone. Found that to be hilarious.

They aren’t showing us a ton of action, because either there ain’t going to be a whole lot or they just don’t want to ruin anything for us. I’m okay with either outcome, because we have enough CGI slug-fests coming out this year. I’m looking forward to them telling us the story of how a 15 year old kid would react and behave if he gained extraordinary powers. It’s like the light-hearted Chronicle if you ask me. Toss in some Elf and Big vibes and I think Warner Brothers has a serious hit on their hands. The cast is so flawless, Zach Levi is about to blow people away, with his wittiness and his kid like charm.

After the massive box-office success of Aquaman and all the Batfleck drama I think this is exactly what the DCEU needs right now. Some good old fashioned family fun. Shazam appears to be powerful and will only gain more power, don’t forget that Dwayne Johnson will be his arch-nemesis in Black Adam. Don’t think we will get any appearance from him, but that will soon be on the horizon.

Everything so far looks great and they haven’t even shown us much. Another hit is coming down the pipeline for DC.


New ‘Hellboy’ Trailer

The reboot of Hellboy looks like some good old devilish fun.

There are so many movies coming out in 2019, I honestly completely forgot that the new Hellboy was one of them. I don’t want to take anything away from it, but in a year with a Joker movie, Endgame and the new Spider-Man, it’s really hard to keep track of all the superhero flicks coming out. Now, after saying that, and having this trailer reminding me that we are in fact getting a Hellboy reboot, what can I say, I’m kind of excited.

It has some massive shoes to fill, the previous Hellboy movies were not box-office juggernauts, but they had Guillermo Del Toro’s flawless visuals and a charming lead in Ron Perlman. Two things that will he hard to follow up, but man David Harbour looks just as comfortable in this role as his counterpart did. One thing the previous instalments didn’t have was a rated R version. It seems so perfect having Hellboy rated R, and we even get a little taste of that in this trailer. They just seem to go hand-in-hand pretty seamlessly and I was digging this thing. Way better than the first trailer, and when the lead of your movie works to pretty much perfection, well it goes a long way for your film. It also always helps to have Ian McShane attached to your film, that man is so damn fun to watch.

This could also turn out to be just a complete mess and a CGI slug-fest, but I actually think we will have a very entertaining movie on our hands. The future lies in the box-office, I just think Hellboy is an awesome and fun character and I enjoy watching him beat things up. Pretty simple.


‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer

This is honestly the cutest shit I’ve ever seen. Going to be a worldwide phenomenon.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t go see this movie, you’re just lame. Look at how cute all these little guys are! Cuteness and nostalgia overload that’s for sure. It helps that again the trailer for Detective Pikachu is a home run. I can’t even explain just how perfect Ryan Reynolds is for voicing this character. I can’t get over just how funny this trailer is. I found myself laughing out loud on a number of occasions, and I just can’t help but smile the whole way through the trailer.

Name a Pokémon, any Pokémon and they will probably pop up at some point during the film. I counted at least 30 in the trailer alone, which is going to be so awesome to see. Mewtwo making an appearance is incredible and I don’t think that’s even spoiler territory. I’m curious to know a bit more about this world and how it works, but that should be explain in the movie. We even heard Pikachu say “hell” like this movie will have it all.

I keep saying this, but when live action is mixed perfectly with animation it is one of my favourite things. And with the whole murder/ potential murder plot this again reminds me so much of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and that’s the biggest compliment I can give this thing.

This could out-do Infinity War at the box-office, I’m not kidding. Piles upon piles of money is heading towards WB and many, many spinoffs. Get excited Pokémon fans, it’s time to see em all. I can’t wait to explore this world and find all the little Easter eggs hidden inside. This is going to be a delightful adventure.


New ‘Aladdin’ Trailer Is Hilariously Awful

I can’t stop laughing. This is hot garbage.

I’m in shock. Legit and utter shock. This photo above is real. That’s a real thing, that’s really going to happen. How on gods green earth did Disney give the go ahead for this sort of nonsense? In a span of a minute, you heard a boat load of toilets flush because people all over the world are crapping all over this trailer, and rightfully so.

Can we start with Jafar? Why does he sound like a boys scout? He’s has least intimidating voice I’ve ever heard. Remember how awesome he sounded in the animated version? He was menacing and it was only a cartoon, I laughed when he spoke. I laughed a lot in this trailer. Everything is so off in so many ways, it’s all just hilarious.

Now for the main event.WHY DOES THE GENIE LOOK LIKE WILL SMITH? Yes, I’m all for him voicing the genie. But that’s such a Will Smith move. He doesn’t need to look like him, it’s absurd actually. Did the genie look like Robin Williams? No. What a poor choice and he looks bad. CGI might not be complete, but the marketing campaign for Aladdin is off to just a terrible start. My childhood was squashed in 60 seconds. Big time yikes Disney. See for yourselves.


‘Child’s Play’ Trailer

Never been a fan of this doll

Hollywood is truly out of horror ideas eh? Back to back trailers involving a property already cemented in the horror genre culture. Out of all the things you can bring back, you’re bringing back a killer doll? Take away the fact that some how they managed to rope Brian Tyree Henry, coming off just an incredible 2018, and Aubrey Plaza. Maybe the script is great, maybe this could actually turn out great. But I’m sorry, not in a million years would I allow myself to be killed by a doll no bigger than my left leg.

That’s always been the issue with Chucky for me, it’s just not scary. Yeah, as a kid, it’s terrifying, but now it’s just hilarious. A grown ass man, getting killed by something so small, it’s kind of a joke. I know that’s the whole premise of the movie, but it’s 2019 now, you know they will he putting some sort of modern twist on it, like he’s chalked full of apps or something.

This is just a small taste and we don’t even get a good look at the title character himself. I’m intrigued a little bit, I’ll obviously see it in theatres, but I don’t know, I can’t get behind a doll. You know this is just setting up for future sequels and possibly a larger universe. I can’t take this serious, I’m sorry.


‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer

This is going to make all the money.

Remember when this series was about stealing cars and racing them? When they decided, “hey let’s redo Point Break, but instead of surfing it’s racing cars!” That feels like a life time ago, well that’s because it actually was. Now, we have legit super powers and I’m eating this shit up.

Dwayne Johnson, when he’s in the right project is the best thing in Hollywood, well for the box-office at least. This movie is going to make so much money, I’m talking the billion dollar club. What more do you really need and want in a summer blockbuster? Idris Elba as Brixton. A man with actually super human strength and appears to be bulletproof? You had me at Idris Elba, but doesn’t he seem so perfect for the Fast & Furious universe?

You know Vin Diesel is out there somewhere right now fuming so hard. This looks great, massive in scale and appears to be another great addition to one of the biggest franchises Hollywood has to offer.

Seriously this trailer was bananas and it’s not even going to be the tip of the iceberg.