First Trailer for Will Smiths ‘Gemini Man’

You had me at two Will Smiths

The Fresh Prince is back baby! Well sort of. Everyone is getting de-aged in Hollywood these days and next up is Will Smith. Ang Lee, the Oscar winning director is finally back making movie after 7 whole years departed from Life of Pi. Known for is visual sense and great story telling, him teaming up with someone who can have tremendous box-office success, this seems like it could be a lovely mariage.

So basically this is Looper mixed with Minority Report? Both epic science fiction movies and now we have Ang Lee putting his own personal spin on each story. Sounds terrific to me. I will forever be invested in a movie that deals with time travel or a younger version of someone trying to kill their older selves or vice versa. You can’t go wrong with that combination, it’s almost undefeated at this point in time. Now we have a leading man in Will Smith, who hasn’t really had a hit in a long ass time. With Aladdin due out this summer and I’m not sure how critics and fans are going to receive that movie, he could have another flop on his hands.

But what got me going the most? The return of Clive Owen! I love that guy, his career isn’t out I imagined it would have turned out, but I’m so glad to see him back in something I’m going to watch in theatres. The always talented Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong, the cast is impressive to say the least. I just can’t imagine Ang Lee essentially taking 7 years off from making a movie only to come back and lay an egg, it’s just not going to happen. Gemini Man looks promising as hell.

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