‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer

Can’t decide if this is the most ridiculous thing ever or the greatest.

Christ. That was an insanely long movie trailer. Talk about an adrenaline thrill ride. What appears to be non-stop action roller coaster, this is one of the most insane trailers I have ever seen. Throw everything you know about the Fast & The Furious franchise out the window, we are dealing with superheroes now. It was quickly getting to this place, but we are full fledge superheroes, I won’t be shocked if Idris Elba ends up flying in this, and guess what? I’d be okay with that.

Boy, talk about next level chemistry. Statham and Johnson shine together on screen and I can remember the last time I saw a trailer and was like “yeah, those two people should have done a movie a long time ago.” I was loving this trailer, until the very end. That was just too much for my taste, but it’s a great way to shoe in Roman Reigns, everyone’s favourite pro wrestler. I found myself chuckling that everything that happened prior to the end of the trailer, I thought was normal and totally believable, yet the last minute, I was telling myself, no way, this could never happen.

Toss in Vanessa Kirby and the coolest dude in the world, Idris Elba and we are on the brink of a home run. I can’t imagine this movie not grossing close to a billion dollars. It looks like the definition of the over the top summer blockbuster that just wants its audience to have a great time. In all honesty, this is one of the more action packed trailers I’ve seen in years. There is a lot going on, but I don’t care about physics and the fact these are just humans. It’s the Fast & The Furious franchise, we know to throw all of these thoughts out the window.

Going to be one hell of a ride and I can’t wait to be sitting shotgun for it.

Hobbs and Shaw hits theatres August 2nd!

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