First Trailer for Will Smiths ‘Gemini Man’

You had me at two Will Smiths

The Fresh Prince is back baby! Well sort of. Everyone is getting de-aged in Hollywood these days and next up is Will Smith. Ang Lee, the Oscar winning director is finally back making movie after 7 whole years departed from Life of Pi. Known for is visual sense and great story telling, him teaming up with someone who can have tremendous box-office success, this seems like it could be a lovely mariage.

So basically this is Looper mixed with Minority Report? Both epic science fiction movies and now we have Ang Lee putting his own personal spin on each story. Sounds terrific to me. I will forever be invested in a movie that deals with time travel or a younger version of someone trying to kill their older selves or vice versa. You can’t go wrong with that combination, it’s almost undefeated at this point in time. Now we have a leading man in Will Smith, who hasn’t really had a hit in a long ass time. With Aladdin due out this summer and I’m not sure how critics and fans are going to receive that movie, he could have another flop on his hands.

But what got me going the most? The return of Clive Owen! I love that guy, his career isn’t out I imagined it would have turned out, but I’m so glad to see him back in something I’m going to watch in theatres. The always talented Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong, the cast is impressive to say the least. I just can’t imagine Ang Lee essentially taking 7 years off from making a movie only to come back and lay an egg, it’s just not going to happen. Gemini Man looks promising as hell.


‘Aladdin’ Trailer – YIKES

Okay, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s close, like super duper close.

This was like a car wreck that you couldn’t look away from. My god, holy shit, aye caramba. It feels like a million years ago that I actually thought this movie wouldn’t be a total dumpster fire. This is the New York Knicks of movies. I hate everything that I just witnessed in this trailer.

There is so much wrong with this adaptation, I don’t really know where to start. A British girl to play a Persian Princess perhaps? The fact they have turned Jafar into the softest villain of all time perhaps. Man, I don’t want to over do it, but part of my childhood lost its soul while watching this heap of garbage. Yes, I’ll be there opening weekend, yes it will make a boat load of money. But it seems they don’t even try. This is Hitch, but now Will Smith is a Genie. What a terrible miscast. I am in awe of just how terrible everything looks. Do not let them suck you in with catchy songs. That magic will not work on me.

Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe this turns out great. But everything we have seen so far has just been awful. They just released a new poster and IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE THE BLUE GENIE ON IT. This is going to be the worst movie of the year. Like if you’re going to do Aladdin, cast the right people for the roles. Why are we white washing the female lead. Just make Hitch 2 Will.


New ‘Aladdin’ Trailer Is Hilariously Awful

I can’t stop laughing. This is hot garbage.

I’m in shock. Legit and utter shock. This photo above is real. That’s a real thing, that’s really going to happen. How on gods green earth did Disney give the go ahead for this sort of nonsense? In a span of a minute, you heard a boat load of toilets flush because people all over the world are crapping all over this trailer, and rightfully so.

Can we start with Jafar? Why does he sound like a boys scout? He’s has least intimidating voice I’ve ever heard. Remember how awesome he sounded in the animated version? He was menacing and it was only a cartoon, I laughed when he spoke. I laughed a lot in this trailer. Everything is so off in so many ways, it’s all just hilarious.

Now for the main event.WHY DOES THE GENIE LOOK LIKE WILL SMITH? Yes, I’m all for him voicing the genie. But that’s such a Will Smith move. He doesn’t need to look like him, it’s absurd actually. Did the genie look like Robin Williams? No. What a poor choice and he looks bad. CGI might not be complete, but the marketing campaign for Aladdin is off to just a terrible start. My childhood was squashed in 60 seconds. Big time yikes Disney. See for yourselves.