Let’s Talk About This Justice League Trailer 

What’s your super power again? I’m rich…

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So that was awesome right! Today is a tough day for me, well for most of us. It’s the one year anniversary of the release of Batman v. Superman, and obviously that movie wasn’t met with the greatest praise from fans or critics. But a lot can change in a year and here we are exactly one year later and Zack Snyder, that dirty dog drops this badass trailer for us to see. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m extremely nervous for the Justice League movie, the DCEU hasn’t really gotten off to a flying start, well they really haven’t even gotten off the ground yet. But that could all change with one simple trailer. I was absolutely blown away by this trailer, and maybe things could finally be turning around for Warner Bros. and the DCEU!

Now for the trailer itself, they did a fantastic job giving us fans a little bit of everything here. You can’t expect them to change their formula completely so the darker tone is still present in the trailer, but that’s okay because it does seem a little bit lighter and certainly more fun and humorous. It’s a great thing that they are clearly addressing certain problems from previous films and taking the fans and what they not only have to say, but what they want to heart. Ezra Miller who will be suiting up as the fastest man alive, The Flash, looks like the comedy pillar of the movie, and not only does it suit the character, he seems to be pulling it off with ease. Even Ben Affleck’s Batman looks like he’s having a lot more fun in this trailer, yeah we don’t need our Batman to be cracking jokes every scene, but a little light hearted Caped Crusader will go along way for fan service. 

Ray Fisher the new comer who’s playing the football star turned half-man half-machine Cyborg looks pretty damn cool if I say so myself. He’s such a lesser known character but being the nerd I am, I know him for the badass character he truly is. He acts as a pseudo leader of the group and takes control usually when Batman isn’t around. I’m excited for the world to see this character come to life because he simply is awesome. Gal Gadot again looks great as Wonder Woman and the more I see her portray this character the more I like her. Time will tell, when her solo movie hits theatres June 3rd. She’s the strong and powerful female superhero this world needs, because right now there aren’t too many of those in the movies. 

Now let’s chat about the stand out of the trailer, Mr. Jason Momoa himself who’s playing the King of Atlantis Aquaman. For myself, the fish talking, trident wielding, hero is my second favourite in all of comics. He’s never taken seriously because of some old school jokes that are made, but this guy knows how to throw down, and it shows in the trailer. He’s just such a cool character with great mythology and backstory and he’s got insane powers, and I can’t wait to finally see him on the big screen come November.

I had to watch this trailer twice, on my phone and I was still blown away and that’s not even me going through it with a fine tooth comb to find every little Easter egg and timbit that’s probably inside. The Parademons, those flying bug like creatures look so cool, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the League squash them. This is just a teaser too, so they didn’t really given away anything important plot wise, just little snip-its here and there. Aquaman and Batman look to have a serious bromance going on, and that will be a sweet dynamic to see. My two favourite superheroes best friends in the Justice League movie, brings tears to my eyes. Batman is also looking like a somewhat of a father figure for The Flash which is also neat, so I’m looking forward to going home and putting this bad boy up on my Apple TV, and watching it over and over again. November can’t get here soon enough. 

Check ya later. 

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About This Justice League Trailer ”

  1. That first Cyborg look is badly CGI-heavy but they’ve got time to fix that. My issue with Snyder is his habit of bringing the ‘music video’ style in over substance, see Suckerpunch for a prime example, but at least he’s not writing because he’s dreadful at that!

    I watched the trailer twice to see how I’d get on, he’s not the kind of director to move away from green-screen, but I’m going to wait and see…

    1. As long as this movie is met with some positive feedback, it’s a step in the right direction. I think Snyder will step away for a little bit, I hope that they get someone with a little more substance over style for Part 2!

      1. We can hope, indeed! As I say, I’ve always tried to keep an open mind but he’s not exactly gone out to prove me *that* wrong so far.. (!!)

  2. The trailer has a great balance of action and humor. And “Come Together” is a wonderful choice of music by the marketing department. To finally have all those iconic characters coming together, and to have them interacting on the same movie screen, is exciting.

    And I agree with you about Aquaman. He really shines in this trailer. I’m looking forward to seeing more on this incarnation of the character.

    My only regret has been with some of the computer graphics. It may the monitor I’m using, but some of the CG appeared a little off to me (almost too glossy). I’m hoping it gets tweaked before the final release of the film or that its just my screens.

    1. I’m sure it will change a little bit! Movie is still 6 months out! Regardless of the final product, I think I knowing walking away from Justice League that I’ll be extremely excited for the solo Aquaman movie!

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