‘Blade Runner 2049’ Looks Breathtaking 

So I guess I should watch the original Blade Runner now.


Wow, wow, wow. This movie trailer is simply breathtaking. After the smash hit Arrival last year, Denis Villeneuve he’s back in the director chair for the follow up the the massive hit Blade Runner. Right away I’m going to say that I really don’t know anything about Blade Runner, it’s a movie I feel ashamed for not have seeing yet. I will be getting around to sometime in the near future. I know it’s one of the most respected science fiction movies ever made.

Everything in this trailer is just gorgeous, Villeneuve makes some of the most boring landscapes pop and every frame seems to be packed full of fantastic colours and backgrounds. So I’m not so sure what this movie is about, but they are bringing back it’s original star Harrison Ford. Who seemed to play some sort of cop and now Ryan Gosling has come along and needs his  help. Ryan Gosling back at it, doing his thing. You know not saying a whole lot, but doing most of his acting through his facial expressions. Jared Leto looks creepy as hell, who appears to be the films villain. Coming off his Joker role, he is well suited to be the baddie in another blockbuster.

I honestly think I’m going to watch the original and I could care less if I didn’t see another thing for this. I’m sold, I will be there opening night. It’s hard for movies to do that these days, with trailers being rolled out every few months. So kudos to their marketing team for already getting me in a seat, that’s a hard thing to do from just one full trailer. Harrison, Leto and Gosling seem to be a trio movie match made from heaven.

Check ya later.

4 thoughts on “‘Blade Runner 2049’ Looks Breathtaking ”

  1. My god! My best friend of twenty plus years told me had never seen Blade Runner just recently. Still hasn’t. You as well I see?! Question is which cut of the several that have been released do you actually watch? Best suggestion, the original theatrical cut. Enjoy.

  2. Yeah…I promised my husband I’d give Blade Runner a solid second chance and finish it, even if it means steeping 4 cups of green tea to stay awake. Everyone tells me how great it is and yet, I can’t even get past the first 15 mins. All I remember was a great soundtrack.

    Looking forward to reading your review on the original! 🙂

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