Tomb Raider Is Back

A video game movie, based on another video game. Probably not going to work. 


Film studios never learn. They just keep making movies based off video games and they just keep striking out. Have to give them some sort of credit I guess, there’s no lack of trying on their end. So here we go again, Tomb Raider is back, and I haven’t even seen the originals, so to say I care about this in the slightest is well spot on. I didn’t even play the video games growing up, but everyone knows this franchise, because well Laura Croft is a smoke.

I’m getting a real Uncharted meets Cast away vibe here. Which in reality sounds like an amazing movie, but we will see how they do on the execution part. I’m not going to go over any plot details from the trailer, because just give it a watch yourself and you’ll find out!

They didn’t disappoint either in the reboot because Oscar winner, yeah you read that correctly, Alicia Vikander (🚀🚀🚀) is playing the title role for this upcoming movie. Okay, so I know they are extremely similar but this looks like Uncharted to me, and if you are unfamiliar with that video game franchise just look it up. I know Tomb Raider is way before Uncharted was a thing, but I’m talking the style and the tone of the movie, match it perfectly. I’ll say this, I didn’t hate the trailer, in fact this doesn’t look half bad. That has to come with a grain of salt considering this movie is based off a video game and we all know how these things usually turn out. Besides Alicia we have a pretty stellar cast, Walton Goggins looks to be playing the villain a role very well suited for him, because he makes playing an asshole look pretty damn easy. We also have Dominic West (McNulty from The Wire) who is just fanatastic, and if we get him drinking Jameson and singing Irish folk tunes, I’m all in. 

This has the potential to be a half decent movie, with a great cast and some pretty good looking action set pieces and effects. It’s just hard to get excited for something that has such a terrible track record. Only time will tell I guess, but I’ll give this trailer some credit, it really looks like they are trying harder. 

Check ya later. 

9 thoughts on “Tomb Raider Is Back”

  1. The lineage draws all the way back to Indiana Jones but the new Tomb Raider games draw from Uncharted, which drew from the original Tomb Raider games, which themselves drew from Indy. I didn’t love the original Tomb Raider films but they may be the most competent video game movies, so there is that I guess.

  2. I actually think this has got a good chance of being reasonably successful, even if the trailer looks reasonably standard in narrative. Lara’s got a good base as a decent action hero, video-game wise, and while the first Jolie one wasn’t mind-blowing, it still took double its budget.

    Also, Vikander is a proper pull in terms of both a great actress and a woman of the moment, especially after the (deserved) success of Wonder Woman. I wouldn’t normally back this type, but I have a weird feeling they’ll do okay!

    1. Totally agree with everything you just said! Especially if this has a great marketing campaign. I really feel like it could do well at the box office. Coming out in March, which could bode well for its success!

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