Deadpool Moves Up, New Mutants Moves Down.

We were really close to getting an X-Men horror movie – thanks a lot Disney.


So news broke yesterday that FOX and soon to be Disney has decided to push up the release date of the UntitledDeadpool Sequel from June 1st to May 18th. A move that I find to be a little strange to be honest. First of all, June 1st is a great slot and weekend to be in. With the new release date of May 18th, it really will take away from Avengers: Infinity War box-office numbers. Yes, Infinity War will gross over a billion dollars worldwide, I have no doubt in my mind about that, but two weeks after it comes out, Disney wants it to go head-to-head with another one of their big properties? How does that make any sense? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes out June 9th, I would imagine they would rather have Deadpool take away from that box-office than their own? I guess it’s all going to the same place, but at the same, it really is a weird move.

Just like pushing back X-Men: New Mutants 10 months. Now for me, I think the reason behind this is simple. With Disney purchasing FOX and all their properties with it, Deadpool and X-Men included, I think Disney Execs saw a rough cut of New Mutants and thought it was way “to dark” for their liking and decided maybe some reshoots were necessary. The movie was scheduled to be released in April of this year, and now we have to wait until February of 2019? I can’t recall the last time a big budget movie like this was pushed back this long. Which is a real shame because I really enjoyed what footage we had gotten so far with New Mutants, the tone was great and I wanted to see a super hero movie that had a horror element to it.

I also believe it is possible that both Deadpool and the New Mutants could be finding their way into the MCU, and that is why both of these things are happening. Marvel is looking past Infinity War and paving the way for their future films and universe. Perhaps they want all of these characters to be involved so reshoots for New Mutants would make sense, so they could incorporate them into the MCU. As for Deadpool maybe after being released on the heels of Infinity War, they have something planned where he pops up at the end or someone from the MCU appears in his movie.

Those are just my thoughts, overall I’m pretty bummed about this New Mutants news because I was really looking forward to it, and I don’t believe we will be getting the same movie as we would have if it were still being released in April. Hopefully I’m wrong, but it’s just too much of a delay for them not to be reshooting the majority of this film.

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10 thoughts on “Deadpool Moves Up, New Mutants Moves Down.”

  1. Didn’t realise New Mutants had been moved around so much, I’d like to think they want to give it the time it deserves as well but – that’s not usually the case is it? Hmm, indeed!

    1. If this is a tone issue on the movie. Disney buying FOX could be a really upsetting move. I’d rather have some great rated R content then have these characters become part of the MCU

  2. Ugh. This is exactly the fear I had with Disney obtaining the rights to the X-men film franchise. I read that the Dark Phoenix movie will be closer to the comic story line. Well, the comic story line is pretty dark, even with the space pirates and all. I wonder if they will try to change that, too.

    1. I hope not. You’re exactly right with the fear of Disney purchasing FOX. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend.

  3. On The New do realize that this is the year 2018 right now..right? It was scheduled to be released in April, but is now coming out two months February. We now have to wait less time to see the film then before.

      1. It’s ok, neither was the writer of the Hollywood Reporter article yesterday apparently. Happens to the best from time to time. I was legit excited until just now thinking that I’d get to see New Mutants a week after Black Panther.

      2. That would have been something else. It really is a shame we have to wait a year now.

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