‘Hot Summer Nights’ Trailer

This kid Timothee Chalamet might very well be the next Leo.

This kind of came out of nowhere. Hot Summer Nights has apparently made a few rounds at some film festivals and people are impressed. After watching this trailer I can see why. Timothee continues to shine and prove that he is a terrific up and coming actor.

I think the reason why I was so impressed with this trailer was because the man behind the camera, Elijah Bynum. I went on his IMDB and this is it. His first ever project, it appears he hasn’t worked on anything else before, and if that’s actually he case, this is one incredible achievement. Beautifully shot, impeccably made, I can’t believe this is his first time behind the camera. Elijah looks like a natural and that’s what I took away the most from the trailer.

A coming of age kind of story, romance and toss in some teenager trying to get involved into the world of drugs? I’m in!

Check ya later.

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