Memphis Grizzlies Team Preview

Time to blow it up.

Last Seasons Record – 22-60

This Seasons Record – 25-57


The once so dominant “grit & grind” is kind of dead. A thing of the past really. Those were so great days in Memphis. Remember when they were up 2-1 on the Warriors? Grizzlies fans definitely do, but you have to let the past die. Those three guys above might play a total of 82 games COMBINED, this upcoming season. It’s sad when certain eras come to an end, but all things do. I’m not really sure where this team goes from here, it feels a little old-fashioned. I think if the three guys pictured above actually stay healthy, it might be time to unload them and get some young assets and draft picks back in return. I have no idea where this Memphis team falls, other than the bottom of the league. Sorry.

Key Additions and Subtractions

I guess the heart of this team is still intact. Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are the lifeblood of this franchise and have been for a very long time. They lost a few of their limbs with the departures of Tyreke Evans and Ben McLemore. Evans played so well for this team last season, I was surprised he didn’t win the 6th Man of The Year award. They bring in Kyle Anderson and drafted Jaren Jackson Jr. who is going to be an absolute stud. The franchise could be in this mans hands in the very near future. They also drafted Yuta Watanabe so we will see what he can add to this rotation. Dillion Brooks remains a key building block, but it will be another long year for the Grizz.

Year Long Question – What do they do with Conley and Gasol?

The NBA is always changing. The landscape and the way we play is always evolving. Gasol and Conley are incredible pros and great players. But if the Grizz want to change the nature and the culture of their franchise, I don’t believe these two guys can be the building blocks of the team. That’s nothing against these two men, who have had terrific careers, but the future isn’t with these two. They still have a ton of trade value, especially if they are healthy. So the Grizzlies need to decide what kind of team they want to be, and who they want to be a part of that future.

Fan Mindset

Like I said, the days of that grit and grind are over. Go home. It’s time to move on and embrace change within the Grizzlies organization. I’m not even sure what true die-hard fans of this team want going into this year. There are two gems awaiting two NBA teams next draft, and if the Grizz don’t want to be in rebuild for years on end, maybe this is the year they sell off their pieces and really make a push for it.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – The Grizz finish with the worst record in the West

I’m sorry. This whole thing has been me telling you that the Grizz will not be good this year and that you should abandon all hope for any chance of a playoff birth. Well, now I’m telling you that it’s probably going to be worse than you expect. There’s not much to say. I just can’t see this team staying healthy all year like they have Chandler Parsons, and once things go off the rails, they will want to go all in on the tank job.

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