Oklahoma City Thunder Team Preview

Bad boys for life.

Last Seasons Record – 48-34

This Seasons Record – 45-37

Tough go last night Thunder fans. I’m upset I couldn’t get all my team previews done before the season started, but here we are. OKC Thunder, you really did it. You somehow managed to get Paul George to stick around, kudos to your organization and to you guys, the fans. Because at the start of last season, it was a forgone conclusion that George was heading to Hollywood and wanted to join the Lakers. Funny how much can changed in a year. I’m exacted for this team, but I don’t expect you guys to win as many games as last year, but when it comes to the playoffs. I predict a little more success.

Key Additions and Subtractions

The Thunder got rid of that nasty itch they had all last season, and by that I mean Carmelo Anthony. Yes a fan of Syracuse myself, it has been a real shame to watch the derail of Melo and even worse is the fact he can’t let himself go. He’s got the ego of a maniac and for someone who is a great scorer and well that’s really all he will be remembered for. Getting him off your team is the best thing to ever happen to this franchise. They are going to try and replace his value with Dennis Schroder and Nerlens Noel. Two guys I like and once Russ comes back from injury, Schroder coming off the bench could serve to be pretty lethal. Again it might take awhile for this team to find its footing especially with Westbrook out for the start of the season. But I think they will be a better team overall in the long run then they were last year. Don’t be surprised if this team also makes a trade at some point.

Year Long Question – What is their ceiling?

A first round playoff exit last year was not ideal for the Thunder players and their fans. When you consider the playoff experience that came with them and the fact they had three all-stars on their roster. But that was last year and they need to put it behind them very quickly. If this team can click and dig deep and find an identity, I think playoff success can occur. Westbrook, it might be time to finally change how you play and become less obsessed with the triple-double and become a little more efficient. If you want to be a winner and actually gain the respect of those around you, and the media, you need to become an effective and efficient basketball player. If he does that, I think the ceiling for this team is potentially the Western Conference Finals. And if you get their, anything can happen. Like always, this Thunder season so be entertaining.

Fan Mindset.


Can you picture Westbrook shouting this at every home game? Because I can. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? The Thunders home arena is reminiscent of the gladiator coliseum. Warriors do battle in there every night, the Western Conference is stacked. All sorts of foes and enemies try to come and conquer the home team. But it’s hard, the Thunder always have one of the best home records and certainly one of the best home crowds. So I really thought this was appropriate, and I even think the fans think this way. They hate any and all other opponents who step foot into their arena. They want their men to win and no one else.

Bold Prediction, Sponsored By Nate – Patrick Patterson has a killer year.

I’m not going extremely bold for my prediction with the Thunder. But I love PatPat. He’s my boy for life and I miss him on the Raptors. Ever since he became a member of the Thunder, he hasn’t really fit in and found his footing. Injuries have slowed him down, but I just don’t think he’s really found his role. With Melo gone, he might be playing a lot more this year and I think in order for them to truly be successful, they need to be able to rely on Patterson for some good minutes this year. I hope it happens, he’s a great guy and I want him to be the player he was for the Raptors. Gotta knock down those corner 3’s big guy.

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